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Dear TheoGrif - advice please

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Thonooba, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Firstly, I'd like to say it's great to see you working on the TES site now that you have retired. You were so helpful to everyone anyway!
    I would like your advice please - on a couple of things.
    I resigned from my job in school last Easter after working in the school for 4 years. I didn't have a job but my headteacher knew my intention to leave and asked me to had in my resignation. I was planning to look for a job in the summer term.
    Unfortunately, soon after this I was teaching one day and had an excruciating pain that went down my leg. After this happening a few times, I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with sciatica. I was signed off work and ended up not being able to return to complete my committment to the school.
    I have been off work since. I am waiting to have an operation and my consultant has informed me that I will be ready to return to work in September.
    I am concerned about explaining that I have had a whole year off work.
    Also, I have found a job that I like but it is a phase leader on a Year 5/6 team. I taught for 3 years in both Year 5 and 6, then decided that I wanted to further my CPD by moving in Year 2. So it is 2 years since I was wrking in Years 5 or 6. Do you think that I have been absent to long to be considered for the job?
    I hope that you can help me.
    Thank you.

  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Golly! You remember me from before I retired! I have been doing consultancy on staff appointments for 3 years now. I.m sorry to hear about your health problem but glad to hear that the end is in sight now. I am not going to beat about the bush here. It will be hard. There is a dranatic over supply of teachers especially primary and a very klarge drop in the number of jobs advertised. 200 or 300 applicants is not unusual anymore. Your 2 issues of poor health and moving from yr 56 will not help for that post. First check if sciatica is covered by DDA now part of new Equakity Act. Google sciatica DDA. In any application emphasise recovery prediction. For yr 56 post 8 am not too hopeful, to be honest. Make sire that you meet their criteria before applying an be prepared to answer how you would cope with possible lack of credibility among staff. Do read all the advice in the shortlisting clickanles in the Welcome thread. good luck. I hope your op goes well.
  3. Thank you Theo. I thought as much. It has been a hard year. I have wondered if I might need to do supply work for a while to build up some experience.
    Thank you for your advice.
    I will let you know what happens!

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