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Dear Theo- ?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by anon1069, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Hi Welshie
    I can relate to your posts on here especially after last week when I got called to interview and didn't prevent myself as well as I would have liked at all! I was so upset, frustrated and angry with myself because the college was a fab one and the interview panel were both professional and friendly! Not only that but the questions were easy! When getting feedback, one of the panel (in a nice way) commented that I was nervous and my answers needed to be clearer and more specific. The person also agreed that she was surprised as the way I was on the day was totally different to how I presented myself on the application form and how I was on the phone to the college prior to interview (when enquiring about specific aspects of the pst).
    Rewind to November 2010 when I went for an interview when I felt confident (as in comfortable) about what I was doing in the classtroom for my teaching lesson and was as positive as possible in the interview room (although the traditional air of the school did make me feel a bit 'intimated' shall we say but not to a huge degree). Afterwards, I was told that the school really liked me and wanted to offer me the job (I didn't accept it because I couldn't lave my other one). What's the difference you might ask? In February 2011, I was off with a stress-related illness for 3 months and didn't come off my meds until this February! The funny thing was that I didn't feel nervous at the time, just upset and angry that I wasn't performing at my best! I also wondered like you if this is how it's going to be for the rest of my life! I.e. Everytime, I do something which I might find a bit stressful I'll panic over it, instead of just dealing with it as I used to (I used to be described as a level headed person)!
    Anyway, after a bit of reflection, I decided that no, I'm probably still recovering from the stress related illness and need to give myself time doing something I enjoy (I have a teaching job for a revision company which I do during the holidays) to earn some money and take my time in applying for somewhere where I'll be happy so that I stay well. I also realised that as much as I liked the job at the college as it was described to me at the time, I'm also glad that I didn't get it as it involved teaching a non specialist subject and it was only for a year, so I would have the same problem next year when applying for another job! I.e. I didn't get it because it's not right for me! Anyway, I'm rambling on now! Your questions:
    No, because that would be an unfair application process! Good colleges and schools recognise that people have commitments. E.g. How can you visit a school if you're tired up with your current job? If the school or college doesn't have this view, is it somewhere where you want to work anyway?
    2. I know you can't send letters to unsuccessful applicants, but would it hurt to send an email to ALL unsuccessful appllicants?!
    A lot of time and money which schools and colleges don't have! Would you want to spend hours doing this if it were your job for popular posts where you could get hundreds of applicants? As an unsuccessful applicant, I totally agree with you that it's galling not to know why you've not been shortlisted but if I don't find out, I don't find out! That's how it is. Onto the next job! The school or college's loss! Not mine!
    3. Will I be retired before I even get a<u> permanent</u> teaching job, or should I just give up now [​IMG]?
    I'm too commited to teaching to give up. I believe that this is the purpose for my life! So, while the suitable jobs are there, be it permanent or supply, I'll be applying! If you have similar feelings, keep applying. if not, try another career! Nothing wrong with that at all!
    4. How many applications should I be doing a week? Should I just realise by now that it's never going to hapen?
    There's no maximum or minimum! If you like the sound of a job, apply for it. If you don't like it, don't apply! Simplees! ;-)
    5. Why does everthing ALWAYS go wrong at the same time [​IMG]?
    Sod's Law!
    6. Should I do applications or not do applications tonight, or should I do something else un school related [​IMG]?
    How do you feel? If you feel hacked off, have a break and do something else! Then you'll be fresh when you return to it. If you don't comtinue! :)
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too and that my post has helped!


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