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Dear Theo: School Visits.

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by balloon_parade, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Good evening!
    I have just found a couple of jobs I can actually apply for! (i.e start dates are after my course end date, woohoo!)
    Only, I must have discovered them late as they both close on 2nd March. My question relating to this is, how long is too late to expect to arrange a school visit? (There isn't any pre-arranged time) I know I can be flexible and go any day, but is it rude to ring up and enquire now with only just over a week to go? I don't want it to reflect badly. It's my first real application so I feel a little overwhelmed!
    I was thinking of ringing up and enquiring anyway and just seeing what they said, is it even worth applying if I don't manage to go on a school visit?
    Also, whilst I am here, I may as well ask another question. This is regarding church schools- is it worth applying to Catholic schools if I am a) not a catholic and b) don't have a faith reference? I have experience of working in CE schools so feel covered on that base but a little wide open on catholic schools.
    Hope you can help! [​IMG] (Sorry if there is too many questions!)
  2. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    Call them and ask about visiting - if they say no straight off, the chances are you won't even have given them your name by the time they say no, so it won't "look bad". They may have visits scheduled, they may not. I expect them will.
    Apply even if you don't visit, I was at an interview whre of the 3 of us, only I had visited first.
    Yes you can apply to a catholic school, any decent school would rather have a good teacher who's not catholic than a **** one who is. I know lots of non-Catholics who have worked in Catholic schools. Just prepare yourself for having to preach catholic values and potentially having to hide the fact you live with a partner out of wedlock (if you do!) etc. (Frankly in this day and age i can't believe it's acceptable for schools to have any requirements on this, but there we go.) No idea on the faith reference thing. Just beware - one of my friends attended an interview at a school where they started quizzing her on bible passages!!

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