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Dear Theo - References

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by LadySol, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Dear Theo.

    I'm currently working as a supply teacher and trying to get a permanent position.

    I completed my NQT year on a temporary contract and then left that school to move onto supply. The school had a number of issues and I did not want to reapply for my job there (3 heads in a year, 5 of the other 8 teachers were also NQTs, several staff left throughout the year, no support...).

    I've been applying for jobs and had three interviews. I've since found out that head teacher of my last school have been refusing to give me a reference or just not bothering sending one. My supply agencies had problems getting references off the same head. Previously one of my supply agencies had tried asked my old school if they could have a reference from the deputy that had been there all year and had seen me teach several times. When they got the reference back though it was from the head. After phoning the school and speaking to the head a few months ago, I thought the situation had been sorted out and she seemed positive about writing me references and helping me find a new job, but obviously still is not sending out references for me.

    I've decided that I will use one of my supply agencies now, rather than that head for references. I'm unsure though who to put for my second reference. I used to use my SCITT tutor.

    Do I put down:
    The two supply agencies I work for?
    One supply agency and my SCITT tutor?
    Or do I approach the heads of the two schools I have done a lot of supply work in. I haven't done any long term work for them and they have never observed me, but I have been asked back repeatedly for a day at a time?
  2. I am in a similar situation to you, and my previous head used to be my teacher at primary school.

    I always thought one of your references had to be a headteacher though. I recently had a job interview at a school where I am doing long term supply (they got the references :D) however on feedback she informed me its always VITAL to put the head down as a reference, as from experience shortlisting she didn't consider those who hadn't......

    I would approach the head of one of your longer term supply schools, and ask if you can use them as a reference, as you feel that you have built up a rapport/felt part of a team.

    I am lucky that the school I am at long term have offered me a reference, so I don't have to use other head/. Good Luck

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