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Dear Theo - references on applications

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by jo_south_yorks, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Theo,
    I'm an unemployed Primary NQT (one of many!) - graduated in July and have had a number of interviews.
    My question is about references and who to put. Before the summer I was putting my last placement headteacher first, and then the Dean of the School of Ed at uni (that was the name we put down anyway, the reference was probably written by our personal tutor).
    During the summer holidays and into September I was working in an office as an office junior, and I now work part time at a bar in town. (I'm still looking at jobs though, and have signed up to one agency which isn't being helpful, waiting back to hear from another agency about how to get signed up with them).
    Who do I put as the references now? I'm concerned that neither of my last two employers are education or child related, but also concerned that I wouldn't be following the application instructions if I don't put my most recent employers down.
    Any help or advice gratefully received.
  2. Thanks for your help Theo, much appreciated!
    Let's hope I won't be filling in application forms for much longer!!


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