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Dear Theo- referee name and second referee question

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by TheoGriff, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    sorry wifi down no computer so am pecking away v slowly on my kindle. better than nothing but no punctuation no paras. sorry so scruffy. yes puut down last school current head and a deputy or hod still there or if moved where they are now. write to them andd say thqat you hope school still has records for you remind them bit about yourself. you will remember that iwas in the school from 1998 to 2005 i taught x y and z. my exam results were a b and c. i ran clubs w and activity x. don.t bother to ask for copy of ref as suggested above becos 1. it is more work for them and you.re alrready asking them to do you a favour 2. you can.t use it anyway. a school will look with suspicion on a ref you send them it could be forged 3. some schools don.t like to reeceive a ref that isn.t confidential. i.m pleased that you are thinking of oing back but you need to realise that it will be hard. the job situation is dire and it.s not to your advantage 6 years out. a lot has changed in every way. curriculum. exams. asseessment in general. monitoring progress. even the way people expect you to do your application. i know this is negative not encouraging but you need to be realistic about what you are up against. return to teaching course would be good to impess school you are up to date but unortunately so many unemployed nqt and fewer jobs with the cuts that rtt courses being cut as no need to help returners i.m afraid. hopefully the volunteering will be a bbig plus fr you. i wiish you the best of luck
  2. Thank you both for your replies and advice. I have applied for 4 jobs in the time I have been away and got 2 interviews from this, so I'm assuming my reference may have worked at some point (if of course they took references up before interview). I appreciate the job is a bit of a long shot at this time but for me it would be a good job- part time, local and very similar to the job I left all those years ago, so there is nothing to lose, except my self esteem perhaps in giving it a go. All I have to do now is convince them what I can do for them! If it doesn't happen then I will continue with the volunteer work and make sure that I use this to get back up to speed. I have also waded my way through quite a few pages of question on the forum now, and can see that life is tricky for prospective teachers at the mo'. However, it is all extremely helpful advice and knowledge.

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