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Dear Theo: Ready to give up

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by rachi19, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I'm on here to have a bit of a rant really. I know that everyone's struggling at the moment to find work for September but I feel so disheartened by the application process, i'm ready to look for jobs away from teaching! I've had 5 interviews so far since I started applying for jobs. The first post was given to man (because the school wanted a man) but the interim headteacher said he would employ me IF he had a job going at his own school. They said I was very close second. This was nice to hear and filled me with optimism for future applications. The second two positions I interviewed for were given to internal candidates, though each school said I'd done a good application letter, lesson and interview and was a strong candidate. The fourth post I went for, I didn't get. What annoyed me the most about this was the head teacher never rang to say I hadn't got the job, even though she took my number and said she'd call the same evening. I had to ring the school and was basically told she'd forgotten. I've never been so mortified in my life! I've had an interview today at a school that I couldn't visit due to university commitments. I asked the head teacher beforehand and she said she would happily accept applications from candidates who could not visit. My lesson was very successful. The kids loved it and so did the Year 5 and 6 teachers who observed me. The head teacher commented that the feedback she'd received showed that i'm a calm and lovely teacher and kept the children engaged throughout and she LOVED that i taught maths as the school are seeking to improve it. When she rang to say I hadn't got the job she said my application letter, my lesson and my interview were all wonderful and that I was a very very close second but that she would have given me the job if I'd had visited the school first to meet everyone and understand the school a bit better. I just wish she'd told me not to apply unless I could visit. I'm so upset and worried now about getting a job for September. I'm just not sure how to work on the feedback I've been given as I've not had a bad interview yet. Any suggestions?
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    I'm not surprised that you are ranting about this. I HATE HATE HATE this insisting on people visiting - what about those who cannot?
    But you obviously have everything else sorted, and are doing very well.
    The obvious steps are: visit when you can. If you cannot, ring up and speak and find out a few things about school. Investigate school as much as possible - website in particular.
    But actually . . . feedback, giving you a reason why you didn't get the job - is usually not to be taken too much to heart. They just have to tell you something . . .
    And this:
    is illegal!
    Good luck for any more job applications; you are clearly very very appointable, it's just that there are fewer jobs about.


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