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Dear Theo or anyone else: couple of questions

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by semteach, May 24, 2011.

  1. During my PGCE and shortly after qualifying last year before supply work kicked in, I was using my university tutor and the headteacher at my final placement school as references, as advised by the university.

    However, I've still kept this the same since doing supply because I've not had any long term work on supply - just odd days so I don't really think a head at these schools can really comment on my teaching ability, or feel it would be appropriate to comment on someone they barely know. I also didn't think I should put the agency down as they can't comment either really. Are my references OK - I'm worried that they are 'too old' but I feel the situation I'm in at the moment prevents me from doing anything different.

    I also have another question - I'm completely changing my 'basic' personal statement as it's not getting me interviews. I was using it last summer, changing it to fit with the school, and I was told it was a strong application and got quite a few interviews. However since starting supply (and including a supply section in my application might I add - I wonder if this has put headteachers off) it's not getting me anywhere. Can I (or should I) structure my statement according to the school's person spec - currently I talk about my current and past experiences in schools and fit the spec and other school info I've found out on visits or Ofsted around it, if that makes sense.

    Thanks Theo and everyone else for all the great advice on here - I'm determined that I will find something for September as the past year has been so depressing and disheartening and I don't want to go through it again!

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