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Dear Theo (or anyone else!!) 90 apps, 6 interviews & still no job

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Sharon75, May 2, 2011.

  1. I qualified last year (09/10) achieving an outstanding rating from a tough mentor who is renown for failing students. I am currently working as an ad-hock supply teacher at 3 schools & I work almost full time.......

    I have applied for 90 jobs, each letter is tailored individually. I have 2 heads, 1 deputy head, my mentor, my uni tutor and a former manager look at my letter. They tell me that it is a good letter and that I clearly address the person spec...... but I can't help thinking why have I only had 6 interviews then.......

    3 of the 6 interviews went to internal candidates (wish I had known beforehand). 1) went disastrously wrong (I just lost my confidence). 1) went to a candidate that was a part time actress & the school wanted to put on a whole school play and the last 1) went to the candidate that was stronger on a Question about how they would implement the christian ethos in their everyday teaching (I was told that in all the other aspects I was at least as strong as the other candidate, & in some respects I was stronger).

    So, you'll understand my current self-pity...... not productive or helpful, but I just feel so demoralised at the moment. I have looked at the advice on the jobseekers forum and I am doing all the things that are suggested.......

    I seem to say that "During training I have demonstrated......" or "Through current employment I have shown......" which seems a little uninspiring...... does anyone have any suggestions on how I can say that I have the required skills/experience in a more interesting fashion???

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