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Dear Theo - now being treated like I've committed a war crime :-(

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Mariecapper, May 25, 2012.

  1. Mariecapper

    Mariecapper New commenter

    Hi Theo,
    After the jubilation of yesterday, now comes a total turn. I told my head this morning that I had been offered the job and I'd accepted it. Literally, that's it, I said it in a nice and quiet and positive way because I have always maintained it's nothing personal. The reply I got was a very off 'right. Fine. Good.'
    Then at lunch time I was helping another teacher put stuff in the dishwasher which is next to the fridge. The head said in a very snotty way 'excuse me' and then proceeded to open the fridge without giving me any time to move and subsequently catching my foot underneath it. Also in briefing this morning I was asked if I can cover another teacher next week for a morning, I said not a problem at all but I know my student is being observed and I wasn't sure if I was needed. The deputy then said I would be needed and I said I don't mind covering until the observation. The head then turned to another teacher and said, in front of everyone, 'well can you do it because SHE can't do it' as if I wasn't in the room.

    I did nothing to deserve this and it's made me 1) angry and 2) really upset. I am not someone to take things lying down and all I want to do is to get to the end of term now in one piece. I always always maintained this was a personal decision to be closer to my family and no reflection on the head or the school as I will be sad to leave and I was clear I wanted to leave on good terms - but if I'm being treated like this now then I'll be glad to get out.

    I don't understand why because I've been nothing but upfront - I could have been snide and go behind the head's back and then just drop a bombshell this morning but that's not the way I work because I like to be respectful of others. Just really need some advice on how to cope as frankly the head is now unapproachable. Luckily the deputy has been fantastic but I don't think I can go the whole seven weeks without needing to speak to the head at some point and I don't want to have to be afraid to do so but I've been made to feel like I punched them in the face or something. I don't get it :-(
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    This is really childish of the Head. It is not just not professional, it is downright childish!
    But you, but you - you are a complete professional.
    Mature, secure in the knowledge of your own value, and really, really, REALLY glad to be moving.
    So you are in the right, AND are in a good situation!
    Pity that poor Head who must know that she is acting in a childish manner, but just can't help herself. She must be kicking herself all the time! The other staff will be judging her poorly, and she knows that too.
    Rise above it. R i s e gently above it. Tell yourself that you are in the right, you are behaving professionally. Feel cool, feel calm.
    Let her make a fool of herself if she wants to.
    Treat her just as you always do - professionally. Calmly and professionally. If you need to speak to her, then do so, make it professionally and calmly.
    She's just being so childish, don't let her get to you!
    Best wishes.
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
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