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Dear Theo - Membership of Prof Bodies?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by LadyValkyrie, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. I'm filling in a job application for KS2 Class Teacher and one of the sections on the application form is to declare membership of professional bodies. I'm not currently in the GTC as have been out of teaching for almost 4 years, and similarly not a member of a teaching union - I couldn't afford to keep up the fees on a non-teaching wage. I can't think what else it might mean, do you have any advice?
    Also I'm sure I've seen the answer to this somewhere but can't find it now - the application has a section for supporting statement on the application form and from the description it sounds like they want a supporting statement and not an executive summary. However in his letter the headteacher has asked for a separate letter of application. What should I put in the supporting statement section in this case? It's a generic council application form.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Isn't 'Member of the GTC' one of the essential criteria on the person spec?
    You cannot get a post in a maintained school without being a member of the GTC. You need to register with them ASAP, ideally before applying. A school is highly unlikely to appoint someone who is not a member on the speculation they will register in time to take up the post, it just isn't worth the risk.

    But membership of professional bodies generally means things like Association of Teachers of Mathematics, The Mathematical Association and similar. (There must be others for other subjects surely?)

    No idea about the rest.
  3. I have actually contacted the GTC about resuming my membership and wrote "Pending" under that section on the application form, as TheoGriff advised someone else here to do recently, and I also seem to recall him saying that since the GTC are disbanding it may not be worth registering with them now? In any case, they're not sorting out resuming my membership very speedily...as per your advice I will phone them again soon to chase it up, I have had a hectic time recently, but I have to do the application first and send it off because the deadline is this Thursday 31/3.
    Also, I got to interview at another maintained school in the same authority last year (and did very well though they appointed an NQT in the end) without it, stating that I would of course re-register with the GTC on my return to teaching. And no, it's not an essential criteria on the person spec (thankfully), in fact I have never seen it on the essential criteria of any person spec (yet) and I have applied for quite a few posts while I have been out of teaching.
    Aha - I see now about membership of prof. bodies. I'm not in anything like that, so I suppose I will just have to put N/A in that section, which I know is not ideal.
    Thanks for your answer and your advice.
    As to the rest, for now I have written "see attached letter of application" and provided an executive summary instead on the app form, and have begun writing the letter the headteacher has requested separately, in case Theo doesn't get time to answer before I have to send it off, hoping that it's a vaguely sensible decision.

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