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Dear Theo - Is gaining recent classroom experience a step backwards??

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Jacster22, May 30, 2011.

  1. Dear Theo
    I gained my QTS in July 2009 and completed a term of various days supply work during the winter term until I started maternity leave in March 2010.
    Even before I finished my PGCE I got an interview for the jobs for which I applied and was just 'pipped at the post' for eeach one! I have just spent a difficult 12 months with my youngest child and although later than planned I have just had my permission to supply extended to April 2012.
    I have recently applied for NQT posts and have not been shortlisted for any and the jobs have been given to students who havent even qualified yet ( may I add I am approaching 35 and already have my family so hope the fact that I dont have maternity leave written all over me will prove a benefit??)
    Anyway..my question is that as I have been out of the classroom for 4 terms and financially waiting for the phone to ring for supply work doesnt work for me in terms of childcare - would you say working as a TA (was one prior to PGCE) is a step backwards?
    I was going to volunteer but as I would be in a TA capacity would nt I be better off being paid for it?? I just dont want this go against me whn applying for NQT posts in the future?
    Any advice would be much appreciated
  2. Thankyou for your reply.
    If anything I would consider my application forms to be stronger now than when I was on the course as I have had time to tailor each one in great detail and have taken your advice and include an exec summary and more efficient personal statement and even been able to add an online SEN course to my skills knowledge but nothing.
    Attending a workshop in London is obviously not possible due to distance and money and I do think it is actually my age, having a young family and being out of the classroom for 4 terms already that goes against me. That coupled with the fact the jobs usually go to someone who is a friend or relative of one of the head/ teachers/governors!!! What ever happened to getting a job off hard work and individual merit.
    I am clearly sounding miffed about my situation but I love teaching and changed careers and a financial outlay to make this happen. I am hoping for a last flurry of vacancies but there have been a very limited number so far as it is this year.
    I just hope that any head would see that making an effort and gaining classroom experience in whatever way is practically possible in the current climate is better than waiting at home for the phone to ring holding our for a teaching post that may never arise.
    Thanks again for the links - I will revisit my application form again and keep those fingers crossed [​IMG]

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