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Dear Theo - Interview questions on safeguarding

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Biscuitsneeded, May 7, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I heard this afternoon that I have an interview next week (I'm hoping to be an NQT in September). The email says there will be some questions on safeguarding. I imagine that this relates to ECM, but is there more I should know (I am a bit out of touch because I actually finished my PGCE a while back) ? What sort of questions do you think I should expect? I feel a bit under-prepared in this area by my training provider so any pointers to documents that I should swot up on would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks

  2. Questions along these lines are generally 'What would you do if you saw a child with marks?' or 'What would you do if a child came to you and wanted to tell you something in confidence?' or 'What do you think safeguarding children means?'
    Basically - common sense, and think back to your training on things (can't promise a child you won't tell anyone, report things to the named person in school if at all concerned, thinking about ECM and general child safety stuff, both in your classroom, in school and outside of school hours too). They just want to see if you are a muppet or not generally. Good luck :)
  3. Check the school's child protection policy. I'm not sure if all schools send them out (although I have always been sent a copy with the application form). If they have not provided it check if it is on their website. It's good to have an outline of prevention, support and protection in your head to use as a guide.
  4. Thanks, both! x
  5. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    I was asked 'what safeguarding policy would you expect to find in a school?'

    Not a nice one!
  6. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    oops I meant policies
  7. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Super answers, nothing else to add.
    Except that ECM is not all about safeguarding, of course, so I wouldn't actually mention that.
    Well done for getting that interview. Have a good read of the Interview clickables in the Welcome thread, so you are prepared to wow'em.
    Best of luck!

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