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Dear Theo I am useless at interviews.

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by fossilhunter, May 9, 2011.

  1. Dear Theo, please help, I just go to pieces at interviews!
    I only got my last job because the Head of the school was good friends with the Head of a school I had just finished a maternity cover at, and he told her that I would be hopeless at the interview but to give me a chance as I was an excellent teacher.
    I have since had to leave that job due to family bereavement and I feel as if I will never get a job if I have to have an interview for it. I have tried taking calm's, relaxing techniques, going over my lesson out loud before I get there, I just go to pieces and I get so annoyed with myself because I know I am I good teacher, I am just not able to show it at interview.

    Please can you help,
  2. Fossil, i too have had severe nervousness regarding interviews but attending theos seminar really empowered me. Trust me, if i can pull it off, then u can too. Just found out i didnt get the job from last week but thankfully, it was nothing to do with my interview... instead, i have good reasons to think the reasons given for not getting it, was a matter of nit picking....i am feeling good anyway...after all i am so much better at selling myself that the feeling of defeat is nowhere near...

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