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Dear Theo-feedback clarification

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by cazzy4k, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Dear Theo

    I applied for a job in a CE school a few weeks back and received an e-mail last week explaining that "we had so many applications unfortunately you havent been shortlisted"

    I e-mailed the headteacher back and asked for feedback, to which the response was

    "we had 60 applications, I can't give feedback to so many, and most have asked"

    I feel frustrated because with the job climate the way it is, how can we be expected to improve without some form of feedback, even if it is something along the lines of "unfortunately the calibre of candidate we invited to interview had 2-3 years more experience behind them"

    In this day and age and in the current climate I appreciate heads are busy, but when I am getting interviews for some jobs and not others, I feel slightly aggreived by this and also by the rude response!!!!!

    What can I do, I feel like sending her an e-mail back, but dont quite know what to say
  2. Hi,

    I'm the same. I applied for a job in a CE school last month and I was still waiting to see if I'd been shortlisted when I found out that somebody on my course at university had been shortlisted, interviewed and got the job. I felt so annoyed because they didn't even bother to tell me that I wasn't successful. I know you're disappointed but there's no point sending an email back to the head because she was rude - she might know people at a school you apply to in the future.

    Sorry that wasn't much help...good luck with your future applications :)

  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    To be honest feeedback isn't worth anything. Everyone is so worried that they'll be sued, so they will just give you something non-committal anyway, which will keep you off their backs.
  4. this is true, though I just thought it was rude the way she responded like it wasn't important, or that I wasn't. A school I am at, at the moment, one of the panel said they felt awful as this was people's careers. If I was happy/secure financially I would just stay on supply, but they just aren't bothered its so frustrating!!!!!

    Thanks Lara mfl 05

    and @sam_b_1988 good luck with everything too

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