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Dear Theo-Failure to be shortlisted

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by anon801, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Dear Theo
    I thought that I'd written 'Dear Theo' in my previous post on this subject but clearly not!
    I'd really appreciate your advice on the following:
    Dear Theo
    Q1. Apart from application form blunders, are there any other reasons why some one may fail to be shortlisted for a post?
    I'm curious because I had a good record of being shortlisted for jobs until last summer when I had a series of jobs that I failed to be shortlisted for, even though I approached the application process (did research, did a table for myself showing how I could meet each criteria and writing nice personal statements in which I briefly gave examples of relevant parts of employment history which demonstrated how I met each criteria for the job and ended with how keen I was to contribute to the work of the colleges I was applying for) in exactly the same way as previously, which had worked for me pretty well, as I said (in that I got shortlisted for jobs more often than not).
    Q2. The only difference was the fact that I was off for a couple of months early on last year with health issues. At the time, the Head of HR told me that the time off would be mentioned in my reference, but the nature of the health condition would not be (I have now fully recovered from it). Could it be this which put people off?
    Q3. If so, is there any way that I could pre-empt this issue when applying for jobs?
    By the way, I now have a teaching job but not in a school or college.
    Many thanks again!
    Sorry for the mess up in my earlier thread!
  2. Thanks Theo.
    I didn't know that I could refer to my ill health in a letter and put a positive spin on it. In fact, the impression I was given by various people (inc other tes users) is that I should apologise for being off with ill health (a work related stress illness) last year and that this would put employers off.
    I can't see why because surely the employer would realise that if their school/college is well organised and treats staff well, then my previous health issues shouldn't be a problem because I'm a) recovered b) away from the environment which caused them (not the actual job itself), especially as I rarely had time off at all before I became ill.
    By the way, college applications usually require an application form with section for a supporting statement and I usually e-mail them.
    Would it be best for me to include the paragraph you suggested on the application form or as part of the e-mail message I send saying that I wish to apply for the job and have enclosed the relevant documents?
    Thanks again for your advice!
    I wish I could nominate you for a CBE or something for your services to job seeking educational professionals, as your forums are fab (btw, I've used tes for a few years under various user names, so I know this first hand)!
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Yes, do do that - otherwise it becomes what, in technical terms, we application professionals call an "elephant". :)
    Nothing to apologise for!
    Yes, so it is definitely seen - have it in the statement part. In the general, brief "cover letter" e-mail, this may not even get printed out.
    Best wishes
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
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  4. Thanks again for the advice, Theo!
    I'll let you know whether it makes a difference when I next apply for a teaching job in a school or college ;-)
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------
    I have always put a paragraph relating to some ill health I had a couple of years ago, which occured during my PGCE and having to defer part of my course until the following academic year. As it was a long period of ill health and recovery process, it leaves quite a gap in my employment and education histories but I have always but a positive spin on it :) It may seem hard to think of reasons, but it isn't once you get thinking :D
    I don't think my previous ill health has prevented me from being shortlisted as whilst I haven't got "the job" just yet, I am getting interviews. GOOD LUCK!


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