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Dear Theo...et al...

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by lazzle, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hi folks,

    I have an interview for a TA position this week- part of the job is running a before school club and I've been asked to give a presentation of 10 minutes outlining my ideas for effective and high quality before school provision.

    I know what I want to say (i.e. well prepared, varied activities that are accessible for all- have many suggestions on this point, and many ways in which they could be managed- also the running of the 'paperwork' element of anything like this to ensure safety, appropriate supervision, resource management etc...) but wondering how best to present it...

    Now, I have been told that there will be no ICT equipment available for my presentation so any form of powerpoint or smart board presentation is out of the question. Is it worth taking print outs of example registers, activity timetables etc? I did think about outlining some activities and then taking the finished products along with me (e.g. an art or modelling activity) but as I don't currently have any of the 'finished products' I'll be making them myself, which sort of seems to defeat the object...?!
    Other thoughts included actually doing a short activity with the interviewers before/while talking to them about my ideas. However, I fear this might be cringe-worthily naff!
    Of course, I could just simply talk to them about my ideas for an awesome before school club.

    Any comments, thoughts or suggestions will be very much appreciated!


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