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Dear Theo applying for that indy sch job

Discussion in 'Independent' started by Crookshanks, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Crookshanks

    Crookshanks New commenter

    Dear Theo,
    I have a number of rather specific questions to ask you with regards to completing a letter of application for a Science Teacher job in an Independent School:
    1. Is it important to mention behaviour management strategies I have acquired during my current NQT year as I have 'challenging' classes?
    2. As part of my CPD at my current school, I am involved in a project which has implemented a number of strategies for the attainment level of free school meal students to improve. I appreciate not all students attending Independent schools are wealthy, but I don't think this is relevant to applying in an Independent school.
    3. Will it be favourable to my application if I mention that I went an Independent School as a student and aspire to work in the independent sector or will be seen as 'sucking up'?
    4. (Linked to q1) They note in person spec that they find it a desirable characteristic to employ someone who has "<font face="Times New Roman">A record of successful achievement in teaching GCSE and A level students." </font>
    The GCSE results for my yr10s and 11 do not make good reading. I have a very low ability, disengaged yr11 group and a reasonably able yr10 group who are lazy and are under achieving. The behaviour of both groups is notorious so I am a little concerned about my ref. Therefore should I mention how challenging some of my classes are in case I am successful and it is noted by my referee?
    Your advice is greatly appreciated, as usual,
    Crookshanks [​IMG]
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Lovely to see nice numbered Qs - makes it easier to reply.

    Q1 Rather than behaviour management, I would talk about having a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning
    Q2 The actual project itself may not be relevant, but the fact that you are doing one is.
    Q3 The aspiration is clear from the application! I think that stating that you understand and ascribe to the ethos of school X since you were yourself educated at School Y is relevant and not sucking up.
    Q4 If the NQT year is now, surely you haven't yet got any results to show? I think that for a fairly new teacher this poiint couldn't be relevant. And an effective teacher can show value-added, the rise from levels of achievement at the beginning of the year to the actual results, even if they are not brilliant.
    Two more points: make sure that you think what you would contribute to the co-curricular life of the school, as the wider development of pupils is impoortant. Go toi the JobSeekers Forum and open the clickables inside the Welcome Thread to get advice about writing an effective application that ticks all the boxes for the school.
    Oh, and a third thing: ensure that you tell your current Head BEFORE the reference request lands on his desk!
    Best of luck
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    The TES Careers Advice service runs seminars, one-to-one careers and applications advice, one-to-one interview coaching and an application review service.
    I shall be doing Application and Interview one-to-ones, and also contributing to the Job Application Seminars and Weekend Workshops over February half term. We shall be looking at application letters, executive summaries and interviews.
    There is also a Weekend Workshop on applications on Sunday 23rd January. Contact advice@tes.co.uk for more details on all of these.
    Look forward to seeing you then!
  3. Just wanted to add follow Theo's advice. Any state school jargon/banwaggon/initiatives can be used in your application if you think carefully about what they are aiming to achieve i.e. what part of the education of students are they trying to address/improve, and how that might translate to the case of the students at the particular school to which you are applying. Do your homework on the school for that.
    Is there anything that you have done at the school for the benefit of the staff? eg given IT training to some teachers, been on staffroom committees, shared your resources with the dept? Those sorts of things are also looked on favourably as it shows a commitment to the wider school community.
    Good Luck
  4. Crookshanks

    Crookshanks New commenter

    Many thanks for your input pookyrobin. I do revision sessions after school and I most definitely share my resources with dept, particularly feedback from courses I've been on.[​IMG]

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