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Dear Theo / Anyone who can help! Finding a job after teaching abroad

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Chrissie81, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. I have been teaching English in an elementary school in Taiwan for the past two years, and am currently about to begin my third year here. I love it here, but I want to come back to the UK when my contract finishes at the end of June 2012, and am hoping to find a school to complete my NQT year in.
    I want to know if you have any advice for me when it comes to applications, as i will not have taught in a British school system for 3 years by the time i come home, and i have not been teaching the subject or age group that i trained for during my PGCE. I have lots of other things going for me though. I now have experience teaching Primary aged children, and hopefully (!) will have a Masters degree by the time i come home.
    I only have a small window in which i can attend interviews (2-3 weeks in July until the schools close for the summer), which is why i am thinking about it so early.

    Does anyone else have a similar experience of finding a job after teaching abroad for sometime? Do you think headteachers are likely to look favourably on my teaching experience in Asia?
    I'm worried i won't be able to find a job when i come home!
    Any advice/experiences you could share with me would be really helpful.
    Thank you.
  2. Thanks for your reply.
    I didn't think schools did skype interviews, (i thought it always had to be a face to face interview), did she send you a video demo of her teaching?
    I know I have alot to offer a school, so hopefully if I big myself up and focus on everything I have achieved since i've been here i'll be as lucky as the teacher you have just employed!
  3. I'm a recent returner to the UK having taught overseas for a year, so understand what you're facing.

    When I first considered coming back to the UK, I felt like I almost had to be apologetic that I had been teaching overseas, but I've since changed my attitude. I know it's made me a better teacher, and that shows in the way I teach. My new school feels the same too, and are really pleased that I'm bringing a slightly different skill set to the job. I've been employed at a school I already had a relationship with, which helped, but I don't think that is the 'be all and end all' of getting a job when returning overseas - I just happened to be in the right place at the right time!

    That being said, I did go on a TES Jobseeking Seminar earlier this summer, and was surprised by the number of 'overseas returners' there. I chatted with them all, and I was the only one who had found a job. Some of them had been back in the country for over a year and were doing supply. So, I suppose it isn't always that easy.

    There are schools out there who will view overseas experience as a really positive thing, and recognise how this will help you teach in the UK.

    Best of luck with your final year! Apologies for the lack of paragraphs... damn Google Chrome!

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