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Dear Theo / anyone! To email back or not to email back...?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Lilybett, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. I'll try to keep this short but I usually fail.
    Last Wed, looked round nice school. Last Thur sent application. Email ******** up, kept bouncing message. Phoned school Fri morning. Receptionist didn't know how to access email (!), advised me to just send again. Used Hotmail. Seemed to work. THEN! Had call Fri evening from supply agency asking if I could work Monday in... you guessed which school!
    So I had whizzy lesson plans all sorted, was totally treating the whole day as an interview... But:

    a) the children were in production rehearsals all day. Seriously, ALL day! They did nothing else! (What a freebie!)

    b) the Headteacher was holed up all day conducting interviews for the Dep Head post. I couldn't even pop my head round his door to say goodbye (SUBTEXT: hire me) as i left.
    So as I was signing out, I explained the whole email saga to the other receptionist and THIS one didn't know how to get into the email either! Haha! So I said: 'Well, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate of me to ask, maybe I shouldn't have, it doesn't matter... And even if the email didn't send, it's too late now as the closing date's gone...etc.' and said goodbye.
    I've just checked my email and WOO one from the Head! An interview invite?! No! It says:

    "Hi. Just to let you know that your email got through and I have received your application.
    R******* E***"
    (God, this isn't brief at all - sorry!) I just don't want to *** this up. I loved the school and really want the job! Obviously I reply and thank him very much for taking the time to let me know the email came through. But do I also mention how lovely the school was / what a lovely day I had (doing nothing!) / thank him and his staff for making me feel so welcome...? Is this canvassing? Does it look like I only pretended to have email issues to get the chance to brown-nose? Minefield!
    Thanks, good people xx
  2. Actually, the title is stupid. Definitely email back. The only question is how far to go with it!
    ALSO! Just re-read the application and got to admit, the Executive Summary makes it look ****-hot! Fingers crosseeddd! xx
  3. Apologise for being such a bloody pest but explain I just really want that post...?! No..?!
  4. Just read the bit where I mention that I am proficient in ICT ho ho ho ho
    I had a glass of wine with dinner, sorry
  5. You aren't serious here? Surely? This is a comedy sketch... right? Go on, it is, isn't it?
    I can see the emails now:
    Email 1 - "Thank you for your email it came through."
    Email 2 - "Thank you for letting me know you received my email."
    Email 3 - "Why thank you, we received the acknowledgement to the acknowledgement to your email and wanted to to let you know. How polite you are."
    Email 4 - "Why thank you. I acknowledge receipt of your receipt of my receipt."
    And on it goes ad infinitum......
    There is such a thing as trying too hard and coming across looking a bit desperate. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I had reread you post, three times, and just sitting here giggling and the comedic value of emailing to thank them for their email thanking you for you application :p
    Personally I wouldn't have emailed back. They got your application - let it be considered on its own merits!
    <Sorry - it has been a long day and you have cheered me up no end>
    PS. Sorry Theo..... will try and be a bit more serious and helpful next time :)
  6. REALLY? My (non-teacher) boyf said, "Omg, definitely reply, be a fool not to, etc." but I (without telling him, natch) wanted to ask teachers. Well, it does sound pretty stoopid when you put it like that. And I guess you're only putting it like that cos that's how it is.
    I suppose it does look a little desp. Well, quite desp., actually. But I'm WELL desp.! God.
    Although do feel slightly vindicated as this means that the title was applicable! [​IMG]
    I'm glad this is amusing you! [​IMG] Cheers, luv xxx
    Theo will not mind your levity and will be v happy when/if I find a job as the unending inanity of my questions to him will cease. [​IMG]
  7. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    MiddleMarsh and I usually agree, but here I wouldn't mind an extra sentence:
    Your receptionist was very considerate when I rang, and again on Monday when I did a day's supply for you, and said that she believed that it had indeed reached you before the closing date.
    Good luck!
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    I do Application and Interview one-to-ones, and also contribute to the Job Application Workshops. We look at application letters, executive summaries and interviews, with practical exercises that people really appreciate.
  8. Sent it. Thanks so much, Middlemarch and Theo.

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