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Dear Theo (and others!) ...is it normal...

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Dresifer, May 24, 2011.

  1. Dresifer

    Dresifer New commenter

    I'm about to complete my NQT year on a maternity contract. I have utterly loved my first year of teaching and have been lucky to be part of a (primary) school that has allowed me to take a full role in its SDP and SEF work. I love my job and I am fascinated by the way the school is run. I hope perhaps one day to be a head ... but that is far in the future! I had an interview today at a wonderful school, one of 3 candidates chosen. They have another person to see tomorrow, and the joint interviewee today was a PGCE student... the thing is the role would involve my being a core subject coordinator. Is it normal for a 2nd year teacher to be offered such a responsibility? I'm completely up for it, don't get me wrong; it's just that it might be slightly odd observing/monitoring much more senior colleagues in that context! I'm wondering if anyone has been in the same boat? How did you go about it?

    Just to put the whole post in context, I currently work at a primary school, and the position I have applied for is at a single sex indie school (KS1).

    I hear back later this week - fingers crossed.
  2. Dresifer

    Dresifer New commenter

    p.s. I know the PGCE student would certainly not be able to take on the coordinator role, so what does that say about her invitation to interview, and thus possibly their open-mindedness about the role being filled by someone with only 1 year's under their belt?
  3. I dunno about the second question as I'm only looking for my (prmary) NQT post myself.
    But! My friend is a secondary teacher about to finish her second year of teaching. Last week, she was made Joint Acting Head of Dept. and she is very excited to have learned she is going on a 'leadership course' (I don't fully understand as the machinations of secondary schools baffle me but it sounds good and she is pleased!). I know things are different in secondary and primary - my friend herself says that there are more, smaller steps in secondary and fewer, big steps up the primary ladder. But why not a co-ordinator?! If you don't want to promise anything, just make noises about how you feel you're ready to 'work towards' this new challenge - i.e. you want some support or something - but it still puts you mile ahead of the NQT. (Poor NQT.)
    I want to be an English co-ordinator - asap! [​IMG]

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