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Dear Theo and anybody else....moving schools due to a bullying HOD

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by crazyfunkydude, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm posting from a friends TES account as I don't have my own.I am currently a KS3 co-ordinator of Maths in a large secondary school with a TLR of approx £5000. The HOD is a very poor leader and bully, and whilst under great pressue to improve results is taking out his own stress and incompetance on myself and the KS4 co-ordinator. The headteacher and assistant head in charge of line managing the department are aware of the situation, and several "restorative" meetings have taken place. Nothing is improving though, and I genuinely feel that she is attempting to ruin my career, and I go to bed with a feeling of dread of going to work. The HOD is a very longstanding member of the school (and very popular amongst the staff she doesn't manage!) and I get the distinct impression that whilst empathetic, the Head doesn't want to 'disturb the water' too much and is prepared to wait for her to apply for promotions (which she has indicated she wants to do within the next 12 months) in other schools to get rid of her.
    I really don't feel I can wait for her to decide to leave though, so am now actively seeking new jobs every day. As I have only been KS3 co-ordinator for 1 year I dont feel ready to take on my own department yet, so am looking to move sideways (or if nothing comes up very quickly i'd ever be prepared to apply for mainscale posts!). My question is how can I explain this situation in application letters, or interviews assuming I was offered one? I am aware that education is a very small world, and I don't want to give the impression I am unable to get on with people...would it be best to just state that I am looking for something will a smaller commute time?!
    Apologies for the long post! xx
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Takes 1 minute to sign up, another 30 seconds for the confirmation e-mail to reach your account, then you're in! You might find it useful to have your own TES account one day.
    I am sorry that you are in such a difficult situation. Applying for another job is a good idea if you feel that there is no hope for an improvement.
    Giving a reason for leaving is always better if it's a reason to do with the school that you are applying for, rather than a reason about yourself. You want to join a school that is particularly strong in your subject area, or gives you the opportunity to contribute more to the extra-curricular programme, or . . . look at what's special about the school and latch on to that.
    But also, to be nearer your family, or to educe commuting, is OK too. But if you can think of some great thing about the school that makes you want to join them, then that's best.
    Best wishes.
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    By popular demand! In response to Tessers e-mailing in: another Job Seminar now on Saturday 14th May:
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    Look forward to seeing you!

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