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Dear Theo - and all!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by eggiegwin, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. I'm one of the many excellent teachers, trainees, NQTs who is struggling to find work (temp or permanent, near or far!) and after another interview today where they thought 'I was very good but....' I am now considering my options for September. I qualified in 2010 (secondary). My main problem is what to do for money in the meantime - I honestly don't know how I'm going to manage over the summer without signing on (PLEASE NOOOO!). Does anyone have any bright ideas for alternative positions that I might look for that won't make it look like I've given up on my dream of teaching? All ideas welcome. And to those of you still trying to find work ... keep smiling! [​IMG]
  2. Hello eggiegwin,
    I am in the same boat as you and I'm trying to find something to do over the summer, but I have no idea what direction to go in to get some money - I'm trying to stick with something children related to help my applications.
    What have you been doing this year?
  3. You need to sign on and get your NI contributions paid as there may be problems in years to come etc. I've been signing on since April when I was made redundant and although mortifying it's a must. Some weeks I get supply and it cancels out the jsa cash but other weeks no work means I am still signed in if working up to 16 hours.

    When I graduated and had a summer job I did also claim housing benefit and council tax rebate which helped. I was single and renting so got a proportionate amount fir where they thought I should live.

    I am applying for summer jobs but nothing found yet.

    Good luck
  4. How does the JSA and being a supply teacher work? I'm thinking of doing this, but I'm not sure how...
  5. Hi Rugby Gal
    I've been teaching supply (mostly cover supervising) which means that I'm at a disadvantage when compared to others who have managed to find work within their subject. I did manage to bag a longer term post as a TA but again this reads as lack of experience on my CV. I am just going through the process of signing up with more agencies at the moment. I've looked into volunteering - there are some fab websites and organisations to help you get into it, but of course that doesn't solve the money issue. I'm just beginning to face the fact that my timing for getting into teaching was **** [​IMG]
    Good luck.[​IMG]
  6. Hi all,
    I'm in the same boat, NQT, no job for September. I have signed on with one agency but there is no guarentees of work (and I'm sure it will be less than previous years as the LA training facility has closed so any courses will be twilight sessions in school clusters, so no need for supply!)
    I am thinking of signing on (big sigh!) and also approached Betterware as another form of income that can fit around supply work. (OK, not child orientated but doesn't need to much imput)
    If you recieve JSA, can looking just for teaching work be enough or will they expect you to look for other work too?
    It would be interesting to see the stats on how many teachers are signing on this year!
    Good luck to you all and please post any knowledge about JSA etc etc
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    You have 12 weeks where you can say you are only looking for teaching work and after than they'll ask to to look for other jobs. (I said lecturer, lol) Most people will be on contributions, especially if your OH works, so you'll have a limit on how long you can claim anyway x

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