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Dear Theo: Am I destined to work in Tesco?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by ellie_rose, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. ellie_rose

    ellie_rose New commenter

    It's tough out there and it's completely normal to have a lot of interviews before finding a job. Myself and a lot of my PGCE friends have had at least 6 interviews minimum - that is how difficult it is. Schools have their pick of candidates and there are a lot of people who are ex-students and have worked at a particular school and so it makes it even harder, as they are often first-choice for any jobs as the school know them. Just keep trying as lots of people are in the same boat. There are a lot of success stories on here and many of these people have been in the same situation as you. Keep trying, perfect your interview technique and try and feign confidence on the day of the interview. If you act it, you will eventually feel it! Family members/friends don't understand how difficult it really is for unemployed teachers so I feel your pain regarding the situation with your girlfriend. Good luck and I hope you get something soon.
  2. Hey Chris, I feel your pain! BUT, at least you are having interviews. Every one is a bit more experience in presenting yourself and you will get better at it. Good luck.
  3. I understand exactly how you feel Chris.
    I've been trying for a job since 2004 and have lost count of the number of interviews I've had. I am so bad with nerves that I sometimes think that the head must wonder if someone else wrote the application!
    I don't really have a solution (unfortunately) as I've tried everything - Bachs rescue Remedy, Kalms even beta blockers.
    I know I'm a good teacher as I get asked back to schools when on supply and got my first long term supply job through daily supply at the school. I was then recommended by that school to another school which led to another long term supply post (and completing induction!)
    I also feel that I wouldn't even be able to get an 'ordinary' job because of my interview nerves - not that any applications I do for those jobs get accepted!
    All I can say is that there are loads of us like you, have belief in yourself and good luck with the next interview!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I just read another similar thread (Dear Theo - seven interviews - seven rejections) and people were sufggesting to him to do supply.
    I havent even had a SINGLE DAY of supply! Not one! I'm signed up with two agencies and I'm very worried about money now. I am claiming JSA, but really living off my savings which are about to run out.
    SOmething I didnt mention before. At the school on monday - I travelled from Manchester to London for it. There were 6 candidates. 4 of us were sent home at lunch. I taught a good lesson. Someone else showed up without a lesson plan - and got through!! And he happened to be an ex-pupil. Can I make an official complain about that for not being given an equal opportunity?
  5. Probably not. Lots of people go to interviews when the school has an internal candidate they would like to employ...
    With regards to supply I haven't had one day either and my money is very short. As I have a 9-hour per week job I can't claim JSA!!! And my part-time job arn't allowing anybody to take overtime or up their hours so I am in a very big rut.

    Your getting the interviews....think yourself lucky for that because one day it will just work

    LMP :)

  6. Ozzie777

    Ozzie777 New commenter

    Chris - I can sympathise with your pain. I just updated my post about 7 rejections - just had my 8th today. It is of little comfort, but I am sure that this is more about the economic environment as much as anything. I have been in interviews where people are coming back to teaching, having left it when better paid roles were available - now I think people are returning as it is a safe option. I did a one to one session with TES which helped with feeback both on my application and interview technique. If you are getting interviews (and especially four in one week) you must be doing something right - that is pretty impressive. I have not managed to find any cover work either. Someone suggested, on my thread, that I look for LSA or cover supervisor work - is that an option for you? Hang on in there!
  7. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Chris, you are obviously excellent on paper, so congratulations on getting all those interviews. You want the job so badly that nerves take over and you become a gibbering wreck. The only thing I can suggest is, the next time you go to an interview try to convince yourself that you don't want the job. I did this once (I really wasn't bothered about getting it) and was so chilled out that I just enjoyed the experience. Guess what? I was offered the job and took it. If all else fails, I would seriously consider hypnotherapy.
  8. Two of the interview situations I have been in were full day affairs and offered the chance for candidates to have lunch together, chat etc (god knows why). On both these occasions the 2 candidates who said "I don't even know if I want to work here, but it's a job isn't it" got the job.
  9. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Yes, Chris, this is pretty awful.
    I am not surprised that it has reduced you to tears. Personally I have tears of absolute ANGER at whoever has allowed this to happen. All these folk with a burning desire to get in there and teach - and they can't!
    You are getting the interviews, so your applications are good, showing the strengths that you have. you are not a no-hoper. It's just your interview technique that needs to be refined.
    You've read the tips in the Interview clickables in the Welcome thread? And you've made sure that you're getting details of all possible jobs by doing a JobAlert? Plus another one for indy schools?
    Yes, you can do your induction year in an independent school!
    Now to deal with the interview issue.
    Two ways:
    1) Print out the interview possible questions (or any questions of your own). Write on a piece of paper the 4 Key facts about yourself that you want to get across. Cut the interview questions up into strips. Pick one up, think which key fact here? then say your answer, OUT LOUD. Practice doing this lots and lots, picking questions at random. if you gett he same one more than once, it doesn't matter.
    2) Then: get a friend who is a bit bossy to give you some practice interviews, giving him/her the questions to pick at random. Make sure you dress up smartly, knock on the door, shake hands etc. Then get the feedback.
    You could always contact advice@tes.co.uk and ask Julia about doing interview practice with me (I am only available up to 8th Nov, though, and then again from Dec 10th). This poster has got 3 job offers after this: Sign upto one of Theo's 1-2-1s....... JUST DO IT
    But this obviously involves paying out cash, so go for the free one with a friend first.
    Best wishes
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    I do Application and Interview one-to-ones, and also contribute to the Job Application Seminars. We look at application letters, executive summaries and interviews, with practical exercises that people really appreciate.
    I am timetabled for the October 22nd Win that teaching job seminars - see you there!
  10. Sorry to highjack the thread for a moment Chris, But LMP, you can claim JSA while only working 9 hours a week. You are allowed to work up to 16 hours a week part time and claim JSA.
    Please don't give up hope. If this is truly what you want to do then you have to stay positive and keep going. You will only regret it later on if you give up now. The perfect school for you will come along, it may take time, but it is there.
    Good Luck
  11. Tesco looking more appealing to me too, if i'm honest. Hopefully the interview process is slightly easier! [​IMG]
  12. I think it wouldn't be, in all honesty. Imagine pretending to be wildly enthusiastic about flogging bloody bananas. And they're 1p cheaper than ASDA! Joy! At least through the insane pressure of teaching job applications, you're chasing a job worth caring about. xx
  13. Its not that easy, after two years of trying and 33 interviews down the drain
    I now have the last week worked at Tesco, and I have never been more demoralised and humilated than I have felt this week, I havent told anyone what I am doing either
    I didnt put I was a teacher down on the application, because ASDA told me I was over qualified for a christmas position!
    So I started last week, my supervisor is a girl I taught during my PGCE two years ago, she thinks its hilarious and the whole store knows how the tables have turned and I am now a shelf stacker. Its humiliating and makes me cry
    I dont think I am too good for the job and I am grateful that I have one and am bringing money in, being in a position where I cant even afford to buy basic everyday products and having to survive on handouts soon makes you realise that any job is better than nothing. I am grateful that my parents take in their 35 year old daughter that has degrees left right and centre, but end up paying her bills because otherwise she would have further humiliation of being declared bankrupt, I am truly grateful but this whole experience is making me very depressed and I have never felt worse, not even when I have been turned down for a teaching job.
    I am classed as outstanding by the observers and ofsted, I have glowing references and the feedback always say I am a great person, just either too little experience or onthe day I did something too little which I correct for next time being told I did the same thing too much - and I am sorry but after 33, its becoming harder to know who is right!
    I have never felt so low and I feel like the whole process for my own sanity has to come to an end, I am ashamed of myself and I have nothing more left to give - nothing

  14. Your post made me cry lampost.
    I'm in a similar position except I can't even get a job in a supermarket. I've had as many interviews as you, if not more and, at 50+, I'm having to rely on handouts from my Dad who's 80 and I'm being chased by debt collectors. Not what I envisaged when I fulfilled my dream of becoming a teacher.
    It's ridiculous that good teachers are made to feel like scum yet, if you mention to anyone that you can't get a teaching job, they come out with the usual "I thought there was a shortage of teachers."
  15. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    lampost and tummmble it's really <u>not </u>your faults. For years people have been 'conned' into believing that a scholastic education, especially one leading to university and a 'profession', somehow makes then into 'better people' and we've lost respect for people as people and non-academic talents. 'Working in Tesco's' or any other 'low profile job' doesn't make you any less worthy a person, it's still 'serving' and helping people., and no less 'worthy'.
    One of the reasons I became a teacher was to help children discover and expand their own talents, to help them lead fulfilling lives in <u>whichever area</u> those talents lay.We need to appreciate people more and realise we are all important. Unfotunately we don't live in an idealistic utopia and we need income to live and provide for our families, just try not to let it destroy your self-respect or belief in yourselves.
  16. You can work 16-hours....if your on minimum wage, which I am not! (I suppose that is one piece of good news).

    This is very true. I don't beleive it it our faults. On the days I feel really down I always feel like I have been conned by the government....

    LMP :)
  17. Wow lampost, my situation pales in comparison with yours. Someone said people who work in Tesco are still people, helping others, and they are right - but it isn't what I want to do. When I signed on for JSA this week, they said I have to come back next week to find a 3rd type of job I'm going to look for (I have two: Teacher of ICT and Teacher of Business Studies). I think they are going to force me to look for jobs as something else. Even something like web design or computer programming just isn't what I want to do despite the fact it often pays better than teaching. On my Computing course, I was bored all the time!
    Someone suggested hyponotherapy. I wouldn't have thought of that myself, so thanks. I'm going to look into that. But I think they just help with confidence? At the last couple of interviews, I did feel confident, I just didn't look it apparently! (Well, I didn't feel confident, but I didn't feel nervous either. Suppose I felt impassive because I felt like I wasn't going to get the job anyway).
    And Theo, I'm going to email about a 1:1 appointment with you. I have to go to London soon anyway so would be great if we can do it on the same day. I appied for a job through an agency and they said I have to sign up with them before I can apply.

  18. I have another question...
    Next time I get an interview, should I say at the start:
    "This is my 11th interview. I'm often told in my feedback that I look nervous, even though I don't feel nervous, so please take this into account".
  19. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Personally I wouldn't quote numbers (eg 11th interview).An experienced panel willl spot it anyway and try and help you, so just show you recognise this and take you time to 'think before you answer'.
  20. NO!!!!
    Don't bring it to their attention. They might wonder if you were lying and that you really were nervous.
    I'd work on not looking nervous - practice speaking to a mirror or get someone to video you (I'm good at giving advice but don't follow it myself when I'm in an interview situation.)
    I had a 'long' interview at the jobcentre yesterday and mentioned that I get nervous in interviews. They've arranged for me to go on a course it deals with all aspects of jobseeking but hopefully I can miss out the bits I don't need - I can fill in an application form and I know how to dress for interview, thank you! I know it's not tailored towards teaching interviews but, after being short-listed so many times that I've lost count, I need some help. I can't afford the TES help [​IMG]

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