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Dear Theo- a maternity cover (?)

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Paysdelaloire, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. I have secured a job last month. Although Maths is in demand, I struggled to find a job in my field (because of personal reasons I was limited as for options where I could apply), so I was really happy to get even a temp post! I have not yet received the contract, but I did get the official letter from the school about the one eyar appointment.
    The thing that got me worried is... At no point of the interview or in the letter it was said that the post is a maternity cover- it only states that it is a one year, FT, temporary contract. I have now visited the school and been told by the HoD that I will in fact be replacing a teacher that is going on a maternity leave. I know that with maternity covers things are tricky, because the teachers are allowed to get back to work earlier, and in case of miscarriages, might even be back earlien than expected.
    So my question is... If there is nothing stated in the letter about a maternity cover, am I in a risk of something like this happening? I do not know what is stated in the contract- but I suppose it would not eb legal for the school to offer a temporary post and give me a maternity cover contract?

  2. I am just coming to the end of a maternity contract and this states a specific end date AND that the position is temporary. However beware a line in the contract that states that the contract can be terminated early if the teacher opts to return early. My school tried to do this - with one day notice - but they hadn't inserted that particular ditty and so are forced to honour the contract until the end of the fixed term. It is a question I would want to ask (and will ask in the future) so I know where I stand.

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