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Dear TDA - GTP application requirements

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by glenn_xp, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    Hi. Please can someone answer this question for me......
    I am due to finish my history degree in June 2013. Is it possible to start applying for a GTP place with a predicted result at the begining of that year in order to try and catch the september start date or do i have to have the bit of paper sign sealed and delivered in my hand before the process can begin?
    I am thinking if I have to wait I won't get the results though in time to apply for september and may have to loose a year waiting for the next round of places. As humanities places are thin on the ground anyway I want to try and get in as early as possible.

  2. It is possible to apply for, and be accepted onto, an initial teacher training (ITT) course based on provisional results, as long as the results have been confirmed by the time the course starts.
    You do not need to have the degree certificate physically in your hand before submitting your application, although if the level of your degree is lower than anticipated it may affect your chances of retaining a place, depending on the ITT course provider's entry requirements.
    Good luck with the remainder of your history degree, and we hope that you are successful in your GTP application.


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