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Dear Stephen

Discussion in 'Governors' started by JABOY, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Very useful thankyou. Certainly the heads have discussed it with the local authority and feasibility has been assessed and a time table of works drawn up. The Chair of Governors has also been involved I know plus a few others - all on an adhoc basis. I know categorically that it has never been discussed at a GB meeting. Apparently at the last GB meeting someone said 'Aren't we going to discuss...?' and was quickly cut off with 'No, not at this meeting' by the Vice Chair before the subject could even be mentioned. It is depressing to join a GB and find it run in this way, makes me wonder why I'm there at all...

  2. Very useful, thanks. And the point about the meetings is particularly relevant.
  3. This is not acceptable - and the parents meeting should certainly be postponed. They are making an assumption that you will all agree . Outrageous that they and the Chair and Vice Gov by the sound of it are pushing this through without full consultation and discussion with the rest of the governing body. You need to get in touch with the Chair and ask what is going on. You have every right to do so. Something like this should go to consultation to parents too not just the LA .
  4. I would expect a proposal of this sort to be discussed by the governing body in the first instance. You say you are a new parent governor so it may be that as a result of timing this has been discussed in a committee meeting rather than a full governing body meeting. Has the infant school already expanded, or is this proposal to expand both the infant and junior at the same time? Depending on what type of school you are (community, foundation, voluntary aided or controlled) the local authority will also have a say in any decision. In many areas there are significant shortages in primary school places and it may be that the schools have been asked to expand by the LA to cope with demographic pressure.
    I suggest that you contact the Chair of Governors in advance of the meeting to see whether this has been discussed with members of the governing body.
    Stephen Adamson
  5. Thanks for your reply. I can confirm the plans have never been discussed in a committee either. The Infant school took an extra class 3 years ago and has already agreed to take an extra class this year (2012). Both heads want to expand it is clear. Both schools are community schools.

    In the meantime, I have been steered towards the statutory guidelines on expansion by Governor Line. Certainly the LA wants the expansion. It appears that in such a circumstance the GB need only be consulted. The GB is not a deciding body. There are still no plans for the GB to meet to discuss, although all Governors have been invited to an 'informal' chat (with tea and biscuits!) with the Head and the Chair of Governors to discuss and ask any questions. No formal discussion, no minutes, no decision-making.

    There is a presentation to Governors by the LA on 1st March and TWO HOURS later a presentation to parents.

    I will obviously check that the consultation timings etc as outlined in the statutory guidance are followed.

    I'd be interested to know your views on 'informal' GB meetings. An earlier contributor said they don't really exist as such.

    Thanks again for your advice.

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