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Dear Stephen- Thinking about teaching

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by LyndsPat, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. This is my first post so I hope I've done it correctly.
    I'm a 27 year old female and am currently thinking about changing careers to become a primary school teacher. I have an MA in History 2:1 and a Masters in Information Management. I currently work as an Archivist in the south of England. I am completely unfulfilled and uninspired by my job, and teaching is something I seriously considered when I first graduated from uni but lacked the confidence at the time to go for it. I have since realised that the teaching is the only thing I've ever truly wanted to do and the thought of it really excites me.
    I will be relocating this summer to the north east to live with my partner, and plan to find voluntary work in Primary schools, and look for a TA job to gain experience before applying for the PGCE for 2013. At the moment my experience working with children is limited, I worked in a museum for four years where I worked a lot with children and currently volunteer with the Girl Guides age group 7 -10. I would just like some opinions on what my chances of getting on to a PGCE are. I've been reading the TES forums for jobseekers and the current situation worries me, I'm not sure if I'm pursuing the impossible in wanting to train to be a teacher!

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