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Dear Stephen - should I resign as a governor if I wish to apply for a post at my school?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by Blencarn1, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Blencarn1

    Blencarn1 New commenter

    I am a Foundation Governor at my local school. As it is a small village school I am related to one of the other governors and know most of the other governors very well. I am also in the final weeks of my PGCE.
    I am aware that a teacher vacancy is likely to be advertised at the school soon and I am interested in applying.
    I realise the fact that I am a governor complicates matter.
    Can I apply as I would not be in the same position as other applicants?
    If I do wish to apply is it enough to just resign as a governor before applying?
    I would be grateful for advice. Thanks.
  2. As you will know, foundation governors are appointed by the foundation body and subject to the governor disqualification regulations it is a matter for that body who to appoint. There is nothing in the regulations which requires you to resign before applying for a post, or indeed if you applied and were successful. In many ways you already have the ‘advantage' because as a governor you are likely to know more about the school than other prospective candidates and resigning as a governor will not change that. You could resign before applying, or alternatively make clear that if you were to be successful you would resign. You should as a matter of courtesy inform the body which appointed you as a governor, as your circumstances will have changed and it may not have appointed you as a member of staff.
    Stephen Adamson

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