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Dear Stephen - GTP

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anon1274, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. I am a career changer, having left the Armed Forces after 16 years. I have a bachelors and a masters degree in business related subjects and I really do want to teach. Having been accepted for a GTP 2 weeks ago the university has now said it won't be running the course. Understandably I am gutted and have gone back to the drawing board.
    Still searching for a school to take me on, with confidence that I can find an alternative training provider (!) I have stumbled upon a role at a local school for an Opening Minds teacher to work with Y7 and 8. The Opening Minds programme looks right up my street, very much akin to my personal philosphies about what education should be. The school would also accept a GTP candidate for the role. The downsides are that I'm not always the most creative person and younger puils are less my scene than the older ones.
    I feel like I very much want to apply for this job but my greater interest is with older pupils. On the plus side, after the year I would have my QTS and I could then hunt for a Business Studies position, which is what I ultimately would like. Alternatively I would surprise myself and enjoy year 7s and 8s.
    My question is, am I deluding myself? Should I stick to my original plan and find myself a place for Business Studies teaching? Or could a year on Opening Minds be a good pathway?
  2. Hi
    It's really positive that you have a number of avenues that are open you to get into teaching. This does then mean you are now left with the decision on which route has the most appeal and will suit you best, however there are a number of points you can consider to help you make that decision.
    A good start would be to get some observational classroom experience in a primary school, particular years 7 and 8, as this is the age range that the Opening Minds programme is with. Even a couple of days experience will help you decide if you are going to enjoy working with younger children. Getting this experience will also be of benefit in helping you to choose what you want to teach. In primary you would be teaching across the whole of the national curriculum, but is it the case that your passion is stronger for teaching business studies?
    Have a look at the teaching vacancies advertised in your area, particularly those for business studies. You are right in that once you have qualified teacher status you can teach any age and any subject, but you may want to think about whether completing a business studies GTP will put you in a stronger position when applying for these teaching roles in the future.
    Equally, if you do find that you enjoy the time you spend in primary and want to go down that route could this lead to more job opportunities being open to you?
    Although your offer was unfortunately withdrawn, being accepted onto the GTP is a fantastic achievement and I wish you the best of luck going forward.

    Stephen Hillier, TDA

  3. Thankyou for the advice. I think I have answered my own question in that whilst I am happy to step away from business studies, I really do prefer the older age group. So I will stick to my guns and pursue a GTP course elsewhere. Surely I can find another place!

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