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Dear Sage

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by andersm, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Dear Sage,

    I completed my PGCE in Jul 2011. Since I have struggled to get through the shortlisting stage of teaching posts I have been applying for since Mar 2011. I am going to have a look at the TES tips for NQTS securing Induction posts, but do you have any advice on my person specification and application in order to get me past such a frustrating stage?

    Also am I in a similar position to most?

    I look forward to receiving your valued feedback.

  2. Hi
    Theogriff has a fantastic thread with lots of advice on getting posts. As for your person spec - you need to read through the specs that are given to you by schools looking to employ and write a statement that meets as many of those specs as possible. Schools want teachers who are dedicvated, interested in pupil learning and achievement and people who will be good team players.
    The Sage
  3. I also finished the PGCE in July 2011 and have JUST secured my indication post, AND am completely relocating in order to do so! Keep the faith (and maybe take another look at your letter of application. Try getting someone else to read it through in case you've missed something, and remember to tailor it to the school you're applying to).

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