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Dear Sage. School/LA meeting

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by mastercap, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I am in my final term, and have been told that I am unlikely to pass. At half term they were saying about an extension.
    There is a meeting being held soon with the school and Local Authority, which my union has been told about, but there has been no mention of it to me, and I have not been invited. Is this usual, or acceptable? I know the union will argue my case, but since it is my career at stake, surely I should be there?
    Many thanks

  2. There should be no meeting that decides on your future where you are not present and fully represented. If your union knows about the meeting then ypou should have been informed and invited and told that you can being along a union rep or friend for support. Contact your union rep to find out what is going on, you are an integral part of this process, induction is not something that is done to you, you must be a participant in all aspects.
    The Sage
  3. Have sent a PM - thnks

  4. Please check your inbox for my reply.
    The Sage
  5. Thanks :)
    I thought that the whole process of induction was meant so that there were no surprises at the end [​IMG]

  6. Well, since then there has been a meeting with County, the school, my
    union - BUT I WAS NOT ALLOWED to attend - which culminated in being
    told that I would fail.
    Accordingly after negotiations I have now resigned, with three months extra pay and an agreed reference.
    Still very unhappy with my treatment by them, but now need to find a new job - meanwhile back to supply :)

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