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Dear Sage - Re Primary Age Specialism

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by wheek, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. wheek

    wheek New commenter

    I am completing my final year of the B.Ed and starting to apply for jobs. I am applying for a post in EYFS, though I have not had a placement in this setting. However, I did use my time between my course finishing in June and the end of the school year to get some experience in a Reception class in my second year- is it possible for you to get some focus days in KS2 settings in between everything else (I know its an ask!). This would demonstrate your eagerness to gain experience in a different key stage.
    I would go for it- it is continuing development of yourself!
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I trained in EYFS/KS1, but my first two placements were both in EYFS. I found that I did not get many interviews for KS1 posts and wonder if the lack of experience was a reason - after all, employers get a lot of applications and have to cut them down somehow.
    I second the advice that you should spend some time in KS2 in your second placement school, and use examples of what you have seen to help explain why you would like to work in KS2 during your NQT year. Alternatively, you could apply for a KS1 post for your NQT year with the aim of negotiating a move to KS2 the following year.
  3. Thanks ktmac15 for your reply - I have spent some time in KS2 - as part of our course, we have been asked to complete observations in classes outside our own - I have spent quite a bit of time in KS2 in this way - not much teaching there, though - mainly observation.
  4. Thanks Kartoshka for your reply - I have spent some time in KS2 - mainly observation. I will aim for more in my second placement. Starting in KS1 with an aim to moving up as well could work - quite a few schools move staff around a lot internally.

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