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Dear Sage, NQT help!

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by sagacious, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Well done on the Job!
    Ypou should be registered with the LA and trhe LA often have induction packs and run courses - you should be told by the school who the LA NQT adviser is and you could contact them. Also, do look at the induction regulations that are contained in the statutory guidance - here
    Be aware that the guidance may well be changing soon - date to be announced by the DfE and some aspects of induction may well change (e.g. the 16 month rule which is due to be abolished).Lots of LAs also require NQTs to keep a portfolio of evidence, so check that you LA does or does not.
    Your transition document from training coulkd be used as the basis for discussing some of your needs during induction e.g. courses and extra training you may need.
    The Sage
  2. Thanks, was in school yesterday and asked these questions. We looked at the guidance together and have started a folder ready for evidence.


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