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Dear Sage Induction in a Sixth Form College

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Shamley, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Dear Sage,

    I am currently completing a Secondary Science 11-18 PGCE. I have accepted a post for September at a Sixth Form College where I did my first school placement. The College has been very supportive and enthusiastic so far and have said they will do everything to support me through the NQT year. It is a large college and they have many other NQTs.
    My question or worry relates to the minimum time that needs to be spent in school or with school aged children in the induction year. This was not something I was aware of when I accepted the job and was not raised by the College when they were outlining the ways they would support me. I do not believe the College is aware of this requirement and I am worried how to raise this as I think it will be very difficult for the College if I need to be away teaching in a school for a period of time when I will have my own classes.
    I tried ringing the TDA and Teaching Agency regarding this so I could be clear when I speak to the College. They have both advised me that there is no minimum time to be spent with compulsory school aged children and that it is the Local Authority's and Colege's judgement to send me to a school for a period of time or not. I have been unable to contact a knowledgeable person at the Local Authority.
    If there is a need for me to spend time in school I would like to contact the College to make sure they are aware of this. If you could provide any additional advice that would be appreciated.

  2. From this September the induction regulations will change. The draft guidelines offer the following points about completing inmduction in a sixth form college or FE college:
    An FE institution or sixth form college wishing to offer an NQT a post in which to serve a statutory induction period must ensure that:
    ? normally no more than 10% of the NQT's teaching in the FE institution is devoted to teaching classes predominantly consisting of pupils aged 19 and over;
    ? to enable them to develop a sound knowledge and understanding of day-to-day practices and the role of a teacher in a school, NQTs must spend the equivalent of at least ten days teaching children of compulsory school age in a school during their induction; and
    ? every effort is made to provide the NQT with up to a further 15 days' experience in a school setting.
    Despite what you have been told you will have to teach at least 10 days in a school and, as noted every effort should be made to provide 15 days (though I suspect many colleges will not grant 15 days and just do the minimum).
    The full draft guidance can be found here:
    The Sage
  3. John_in_Luton

    John_in_Luton Occasional commenter

    I have actually had this situation in my local sixth form college, and with science I wouldn't see this as a particular problem. What tends to happen is that the college will have good relationships with some of its feeder secondary schools, and it should be no problem to arrange with one of them for you to spend the requisite ten days there. This may happen for example on a day-a-week basis, or will often happen in the second half of the summer term, when exams are under way or out of the way and it is easier logistically to release you for a two-week block.

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