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Dear Sage: five days short of term of induction

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by merturtle, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. merturtle

    merturtle New commenter

    Apologies for reposting this, forgot to put Dear Sage in the subject line. I think I know the answer to this question really...
    I recently posted for advice on a term's supply work, which the
    school had agreed to register towards induction, but which had come up
    at very short notice. They keep changing their minds about which days
    of the week and the number of days they require (I have a permanent part
    time post as a peripatetic teacher); I have done my best to accommodate
    them as I know I won't get another induction post before September.
    was finally agreed today, for me to start next week, but the school has
    now said I can't do induction as I will be starting in week 3 of the
    term (will only be week 2 according to my LEA, but this school is
    over the border and they started back a week before we did). I taught
    one day in the first week of their term, but couldn't do anymore due to
    no childcare while my kids were off school. I was ready to go in this
    week but they didn't get organised. The contract would be a 0.6, 3 days
    per week, so I have missed just 5 days across the first two weeks of
    The school has said it is too late in the term for me to
    start induction. I know the start date of induction can't be backdated,
    and it's true I will be starting in week 3, so is it the case that this
    term now can't be registered? It seems so unfair when it is not my
    fault, and an employed NQT could easily miss 5 days for sickness across a
    term and presumably still pass.
    I am even wondering if the school
    have delayed my start date on purpose and never intended to support my
    induction! The agency is not interested (apart from trying to tempt me
    with more money) and have said it's very unusual for a school to support
    induction for a supply teacher (which I don't believe is true)
  2. Your induction can be backdated by three weeks as far as I know, it certainly can in my LA but I'm not sure if this is variable. An employed NQT would be required to complete the five missed days in the following term, provided they were employed in the same school.
    Just to clarify, do you have a permenant 0.6 post as a peripatetic teacher at this school? Do you carry out the full duties of a teacher (including planning and assessment)?
    If this is the case you should be able to register for induction at this point. As you are on a 0.6 contract you will need to complete five terms of induction( which is the equivalent of three terms full time). If you are still in the same school in January 2014 (sounds lightyears away I know), the five days you have missed now would need to be made up then.
  3. merturtle

    merturtle New commenter

    Thanks for the reply. I already work as a peripatetic music teacher on a 0.4, but none of my work counts towards induction. This is a one term supply/ sickness cover post in a school in a different LEA. I don't think they can backdate the induction as I haven't started on a contract yet - it would be to start next week. I can't make up the 5 days next term as the contract is only until July (unless it gets extended, but I wouldn't know until September, I would hate to work really hard this term and still come out with nothing).
    I have already worked on a 2-term maternity contract, for which I gained one full time term of induction. I was hoping this post would give me another term (albeit on a 0.6 basis) so that I would have a bit less to complete (around a term and a half) if I manage to find a new post full time in Sept. But if I have missed out on induction for this term, I'm not going to take the post as it is a challenging school with various issues in the department and a commute - I might as well wait until Sept and just do a full 2 terms (if I ever manage to find a job).
    Going into my 3rd term without a teaching post, with very few jobs in my subject locally, I was just grasping at this opportunity to get back into schools and back on my induction.
    One more question - one of my agencies told me the 16-month supply rule doesn't apply to me as I have started induction (though now had to put it on hold). I'm sure this is wrong and it is 16 months of supply before you have to stop unless you are on an induction post.

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