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Dear Sage. Failing NQT and depression

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Talc_1234, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Talc_1234

    Talc_1234 New commenter

    Not true mastercap
    Supply is your friend giving you the opportunity and time to reach standards. You get to spend time in lots of school. Lots of kids to practice your crowd control skills. Find a school that you like (and likes you) and you will be a stgrong candidate when a future post becomes available.
  2. Sorry for highjacking this post, I am in a similar situation (minus the sick leave/depression) and it is my third term and I am failing. I have only taken two days off school since starting in september . The school is planning to get me an extension but I am really scared I might not make the standards by then.
    They also say that they will have to fail me first before the extension thing can be done. I have a meeting with them next week to get my questions answered before taking any decisions.
    If I leave now then I will have one term to finish somewhere else. Only I get scared that I will not find a post to finish my induction.
    I did my first term in a different school and that was quite good but my current sch think that my first assessment was not properly done else i will not be failing in their school. That really got me very upset when they said it.
  3. Well it seems that the Union thinks I will get an extension, but they think the school will not want to keep me on, so I'll have to find somewhere else. Don't want to leave the school, and can't aford to be out of work; and I have givenup so much to make this a career.
    Don't know what to do :(
  4. You will not have a career if you stay and fail meaning that you will not be able to teach if you fail your NQT. So in my case, I think I am going to leave but however that is me because all my confidence has left me and during my observations, it keeps coming across that low level disruption is the issue, so I think even if I am given the extension, I may not make it. Also, lack of trust for the people involved in the induction.
    I am simply feedup with it and think I should have left since.
    If you think you can make it with the extension then fight with your union to stay there. Good luck.
  5. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    Have you only just been told you are not meeting the standards? How did your first two terms go? If you were meeting the standards then, it is very late in the day to be told that you are not meeting them. If you are failing this ought to have been flagged up in the first term, and support measures put in place. These would have had to be outlined in the first assessment document. What has been the procedure so far to support you in your post?
  6. yes... how do you know what standards you are failing on?
  7. goatherd

    goatherd New commenter

    My mentor has said that she can't tick off any of the standards that relate to teaching - but was unable to say why.:(
  8. hello i have just been reading this an all i want to say is that i was in the exact same position as you last year, I was in a school an they told me that if i didnt leave during my 2nd term they would ensure i failed an never teach again.I thought i would never get another job but i did and currently flying through my NQT year successfully. My new school have said they dont understand what went wrong at my old school. All i am saying its not you who have failed its your school and head who have failed.
    It really angers me schools that dont support NQT's just destroy them off their confidence. If you were such a bad teacher you wouldnt have got your degree..
    The best thing i did was leaving my job an applying for other schools.
    Its not easy getting another job but be honest in your interview i was and my new head said that NQTS being forced out is nothing new

    hope it all works out for u
  9. Thanks becpop for this. Makes me feel much better hearing this. I am at the verge of applying for jobs after this experience. All my confidence is gone and I feel so drained of all my strength. I am seriously doubting myself now.
    What did you put on your application forms as resons for leaving? I am stuck with this one.
  10. Well, since then there has been a meeting with County, the school, my union - BUT I WAS NOT ALLOWED to attend - which culminated in being told that I would fail.
    Accordingly after negotiations I have now resigned, with three months extra pay and an agreed reference.
    Still very unhappy with my treatment by them, but now need to find a new job - meanwhile back to supply :)
  11. Hello, you are not the only person going through that situation, I have not training either and I'm 65 years old, after 2014 is no job for me if I don't have training so what a'm doing is do my certificate III,Is the only way for me to keep my job, think of what to do, shake that feeling of sadness and do something about it, they can't just kick you out, It shouldn't be that easy, fightt the desicion by doing something about it.good luck Nanny
  12. Hi i just put contract ended, then in my interview i would explain that saying i really hope this dosent jepodise my chance of getting the job but i ended the contract as the head was taking my passion away from teaching by constanstly criticising me and not providing me with constructive feedback on how to improve.I was actually advised to leave by my union
  13. This was the same thing that happned to me without the pay and the reference, you will get another job and in a supportive school, you have done the right thing in leaving. I totally understand you feeling unhappy with how you have been treated but my ol school are going to get a little visit when i pass my NQT year with my outstanding reports, the council is also going to recieve them aswell. Heads like these should not be allowed to be be heads
  14. Keep you chin up! Being a student mentor and having had depression myself, I totally understand the pressure you are under. Many students and NQT's are under alot of pressure with the new government demands and the new ofsted demands. But do not think this is it! University doesn't always prepare you for the classroom and there is still alot of learning in your NQT year. However many of us oldies forget this! I think give it a go in another school...
    Many of us teachers have a preference of year groups and do better in one year group than another, it takes time to explore which one you are more comforatable with. I've seen this over and over again with students failing in keystage 2 but then coming out with outstanding in reception, teaching styles vary depending on the situation, the class, the support and the year group.
    Plus every school is different. Larger schools usually have more support just due to the sheer number of staff. Every teacher is pressurized at the moment, and if you only have one mentor in that school, you only have one view. Working as a team...each person comes to it with their own specialism, you can bounce ideas off one another and it takes the pressure off as you take it in turns to plan or plan together. Even after so many years.... I still learn so much from my team and get so much support from them, they know me inside out and back to front.
    Despite this having new management in my school- things change and you have to go with it. I've worked in four schools each has a different management style and school ethos, choose one that suits you. Some schools are more paperwork based, in others behavioural and social needs take over.
    Every situation is different, everyones thoughts are different, what works for one doesn't always work for another. That's what makes the world an exciting place. You choose your house, your partner, your clothes etc... it takes time to know your body shape, you don't always marry the first person you meet. It's all trial and error. This is the same with a job, it doesn't make you a failure as a teacher if the first one doesn't work out. Congratulate yourself for getting a job in the first place. Many people didn't!
    But mostly with depression remember that change is good and you can do it! No matter what your brain tells you. Your hypothalamus in the brain (the fight or flight bit!) It doesn't like change. You will worry about what comes next, but life is a journey. Just remember the butterflies in the stomach are a good thing. Talk yourself through the changes. What will happen if i do leave and what will happen if i don't leave! The logical left hemisphere of the brain will soon clock on and improve.
    Hope this has helped. I don't know the whole situation, but to be honest I would prefer not to be in discussions about myself with depression, i'd read more into the situation than what was needed. So just go with the flow and remember there are alot of people around you who care about you and want what is best for you.
  15. I sympathise with you. I am an NQT and have Just had a lesson observation today (3rd one as I got a 3 earlier on this term) and I've been told to improve or else. Thing is, I have recurrent depressive disorder and I am very anxious and stressed at the moment. Am missing behaviour issues despite trying to clamp down and my mentor thinks I am slacking off deliberately, which I am not. I don't know what to do. Do I give up and prove them right? Having been told by my head of dept (who is also my subject mentor) that he has a good team at the moment and I am not going to bring it down, I think that might be my only option.
  16. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Another stunning example of a lack of tact by managers. They should think in terms of raising you up instead of you letting them down. I don't see how they can call themselves "Good" if they aren't developing their staff adequately.

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