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Dear Sage - and anyone else who can help

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by staffsunigirl, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Any advice/opinions welcomed!
  2. For cover work, keep it simple and stick to text book pages or you'll tie yourself up in knots trying to keep up with what each class has done. Tbh it should be the 2nd who has organised the hod's (and anyone else's cover), not you as an nqt. The school's management need to look at the staffing issues here - if someone's going to be off a while, they need a long term supply person who is capable of planning their own lessons. If i were you, i'd probably look for other jobs as you don't need this stress this early in your career. Quite common to jump schools between nqt and 2nd year.
  3. Hi Rowntreegirl, thanks for the reply. I ended up setting the cover work as it was a shared BTEC class with the HOD. That said I was trying to co-ordinate my lessons with cover lessons which did get a little crazy after a while! Unfortunately the 2nd would have ended up asking me if she had to set the cover work for them anyway.

    As for the present situation, when my timetable was rearranged the first time I was 3 lessons light of a maximum NQT timetable. I think it was left like this so that I had a bit of extra time to focus on the GCSE group I had been given. Unfortunately, when my mentor went off sick, the powers that be decided that my timetable had to be full before they would consider bringing in a supply teacher. This has resulted in me having my mentors class thrust upon me and having put my KS3 classes in with supply.

    I don't feel like I can do the extra class and the others that are being affected justice as I'm trying to juggle so many balls at the same time. My mentor was originally signed off for a month, then for another month (takes us to the end of the Easter holidays) but I don't hold out hope of her coming back after Easter :(
  4. Clearly there is some crisis management going on as people leave etc. What should have happened was a meeting with the full department and a senior leader so that an action plan with the views of everyone included is prepared. Cover work is tricky with shared classes as it will inevitably fall to the 'other teacher' to produce it, though technically the second in dept should take that on (asking sick or absent teachers to produce cover where the time off is unplanned should not happen.
    You do need to talk through concerns with your mentor and ensure that in the 'crisi', your needs are not overlooked or pushed to one side. It is the responsibility of the leadership to ensure that things run smoothly not you as a NQT. If you think your classes are suffering, you must make this known so that in future, if things come back to bite you you have some record of having informed the leaders that there may be a problem.
    The Sage

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