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Dear Sagacious, should I be on NQT induction?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by daisy24, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Dear Sagacious
    Since late September 2011 I have been working on a regular day at the same school (located in Southern England) every week, teaching the same classes. Although, I have not been planning for these classes because lesson plans are left for me to follow. I work at this school via a certain education agency. The school employs two full-time NQTs who are of course doing their respective induction years at the moment. Considering all this, is this school legally obliged to start my NQT induction year? I haven't mentioned this query to my agency or the school as of yet, as I don't want to 'rock the boat' - but I would like to know whether or not I am missing out on my entitlement/s as a new teacher. I qualified to teach primary in 2010 and so far have not started my NQT induction year which concerns me. I look forward to receiving advice/information on my predicament!
    Thanks, Daisy
  2. Hi Daisy,

    Unfortunately mine is not the advice your are fully requiring, but I am in a similar situation in regards to when I completed the PGCE and still looking for first NQT post. I completed the PGCE Jul 2011 and have since struggled to secure a induction post. My understanding is that when your agency offer you the regular one day a week post you must ask if the school will offer me NQT Induction. To be honest though if your school is using its budget to manage two mentors for the two NQTs already on induction and you are supplying one day a week, I think it is unlikley the school would offer to mentor you through your induction for one day a week. Do you agree with this, maybe you have been told differently by your agency.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with clearing this with your agency. Your agency has to work hard for you and I don't think you should feel like your asking the wrong questions.

    Do you mind me asking if you work anywhere else during the week and what else you are doing to secure first teaching post? I am more than happy to also discuss my experiences with you!!

    Look forward to discussing this further.

  3. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    As you're following other people's plans, I imagine you're not actually being employed as a teacher, but as a TA or cover supervisor.

    Do you mark work? Attend department meetings or other things that would be part of a teacher's role but not a cover supervisors?
  4. It is possible to do an induction post on one day per week (so theoretically it would take 5 years to completeinduction), but the post must involve all the duties of a regular teacher andyou must be employed as a teacher not a TA or cover supervisor. From what you write you are nearly in an inductible post but it may well be that the lack of planning would mean that the LA would not consider this a post in which you can do induction. Ultimately it is the LA who decide if a post is eligible for induction, you could apporach them direct and talk to the LA adviser and run past that person your job and see if they think it is a post which would qualify.
    The Sage
  5. Thanks everyone for your advice. I am employed as a teacher - I do mark work, yes. However, I do not attend staff meetings as they are held just before school starts when I am trying to get to grips with what it is I need to teach!
    Perhaps, Sage, you are right in that the LA would not consider this an inductable post because I do not plan for the classes I teach (I cover the school's NQTs who plan my lessons - I guess this may be part of their mandatory induction but I may be wrong).
    I did not realise that it is the LA who ultimately decide if a post is eligible for induction. I contacted my local LAs late last year to request a year extension to my supply teaching entitlement which was granted. I did mention the role in question but the appropriate LA did not raise the issue of induction in response. All things considered, I think my best course of action would be to contact this LA again with regards to this issue at hand.
    I have been trying to gain an NQT post for actually around 2 years now! I know I am a good teacher as I have had positive feedback from most interviews and got down to the last 2 once. Plus this one-day-per-week job maybe hints that I am doing okay. It's hard to judge myself now really, considering that the last written feedback I received was as a student in summer 2010 which was on the whole very positive. Last year I went to 10 interviews in close succession - this year I haven't applied for one teaching post yet! I am much more busy as opposed to last year though - apart from having gained the teaching post discussed, I am now a part-time nanny do occasional bank wok at a nursery.
    I know it's only March but I think this year I'll just apply to several posts as opposed to around 15 (like last year) - perhaps this way I can improve the quality of my performance at interview.
    All the best everyone, D : )

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