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Dear Mr Gove

Discussion in 'Primary' started by brighton56, May 5, 2012.

  1. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    Dear Mr Gove,
    Now that you have:

    De-valued the teaching profession and made teachers look incompetent, lazy and under qualified
    Frozen our pay
    Increased our pension contribution, made us work for longer and get less money in return
    Put a cap on QTS tests for students in the MIDDLE of teacher training. Potentially causing some undergraduate students to inherit £30, 000 debt and NO QTS.
    Made 50% of secondary schools academies (some against their will)
    Forced budget cuts on all LA schools
    Made statements that exams are too easy at GCSE and A level
    Criticised any teacher, school, governor or union for standing up against our beliefs
    Plan to introduce performance related pay
    Put far too much emphasis on a reading test in year 1 even though many leading academic commentators have cautioned this.
    De-moralised every hard working teacher in the country
    Taken teacher training out of universities and put emphasis on GTP qualifications. Again no evidence to suggest this is the most efficient method of training teachers.
    Removed funding and training for NPQH qualifications making it possible for non-teachers to be head teachers.
    Invested a lot of money into a new national curriculum which has been delayed and strangely enough will not have to be followed by academies or free schools.
    Allowed the abomination that is Free Schools to be set up throughout the country causing schools to lose out on funding even though places are available in local schools
    Made thousands and thousands of teachers lives unbearable
    Convinced the media and general public that Ex-military and graduates with 1st class honours will make the best teachers and will solve all the current problems
    I would just like to know what your plans for the next three years until the general election in May 2015 will be? Just so we can all be prepared.
    Kindest Regards
  2. When I wrote to him, I just got some flim flam back off a lackey. But we should keep writing. [​IMG]
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    This has been going on in many sections of the media through my whole career. We've not yet had 16 years of Conservative or Michael Gove, so it is a bit unfair to blame him.
    To help sort out the financial mess made by Labour.
    The academy programme was started by Labour and continued, with thanks I'mm sure, by the Conservatives.
    A view shared by a great many adults and sections of the media for the last 20 years.
    Standing up 'against' one's beliefs should always be criticised. It shows a serious weakness of mind. Standing up 'for' one's beliefs is another matter of course.
    I'm a hard-working teacher and I'm not demoralised...
    Also making it possible for excellent acting heads who step in in emergencies and do a great job, to be able to become permanent in spite of not having a piece of paper that shows they passed a worthless course.
    I don't think Michael Gove needs to take personal responsibility for this. I don't know any teacher whose life is unbearable for reasons to do with Michael Gove.
    I agree with this though. Actually I'd like to know my HT's plans for the next 3 years...indeed the next three weeks would be good!
  4. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    I appreciate the detailed response Minnieminx.
    My post although not intended does sound anti-conservative. My view is the conservative government have taken previous Labour initiatives (academies) to a whole new level which has had a massive deprimental impact throughout the entire country. In areas where a lot of schools have converted to academies, it has left the Local Authority schools with less money, less services and more problems to come in the future.
    I think exam standards is still a matter of debate. There has been so much contrary evidence as to whether exams have in fact become easier. What is certainly unfair is thousands of students every year who revise exceptionally hard, do well and then face the barrage of criticism that exams are too easy. GIVE THE KIDS A BREAK!!
    I do partly agree with you regarding the NPQH abolishment - meaning acting heads have more freedoms BUT in the long run if we do not come up with high quality training for new head teachers then we may well see many people from business coming in and running schools. Head teachers should always be experts in the field of education wanting to do the best for their students.
    Overall, in my opinion Michael Gove needs to think before he makes such bold remarks about the teaching profession. Imagine the wonders he and his department could do if they listened and acted on what the profession/experts think.
  5. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    Things can only get better....or worse...

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