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Dear Joe - PGCE MFL interview at manchester

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by tonywood, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. You never can tell. I got in this year in a different place, but I applied on a Thursday, interviewed the next day and started the course two days later on the Monday. Believe me, quick can be very stressful!

  2. dalej

    dalej New commenter

    Hi whitewindows,
    I suggest you gen up on some of the recent government initiatives such as the new KS3 curriculum, assessment for learning, personalised learning, thinking skills etc and consider how you think they can integrated successfully into language learning.
    If you have time, it would be good to ask a local school if you can pop in for a day and observe a few language lessons and talk to the MFL department.
    Finally, make sure you get a good night's sleep the night before and check what you will be wearing is clean and not creased!
    Good luck!
  3. whitewindows

    whitewindows New commenter

    Hi to all who posted - i dont know how often people come back and check on older streams like this, but anyway after the gruelling 5 hr assessment day - I GOT IN!!!! 1st task was the teaching task, which was quite intense I thought, but glad to get out the way, followed by the written french and spanish, maths/reasoning test and finally the interview. if anyone wants more info on what was asked etc let me know. Has anyone else been successfull in Manchester pgce aplications yet?
  4. mpc


    Congratulations! I did my PGCE in Manchester 16 years ago...
  5. Hi, im new to this forum. I have an interview at Liverpool Hope for primary Pgce with mfl- specialising in French. Have you any tips for me?

    Thanks lots
  6. whitewindows

    whitewindows New commenter

    meehan how did your interview go? I've not been on here for ages sorry! I'm sure you breezed it if it's already passed, if not I'd probably reccomend the importance of speaking in the target language a lot of the time in the french classes, they spoke a lot about that in my interview with me and how important it was. as mine was secondary, i'm not sure if its different to primary!? sorry I can't be much help!
  7. Hello

    Its been a long time I know, but could you post some of the questions you had in your interview in French and what kind of things did they ask you in the general interview too?

    it would really help to know

    thanks a lot
  8. whitewindows

    whitewindows New commenter

    Sorry if you have already had your interview - I've just re-found this!
    They asked me what I did during my year abroad, and also how I would tackle the issue of stereotypes which I had to ask to be repeated as I had no idea what to say! I just diversed and said that cultural understanding was important, (it's also on the NC as well so good to refer to that if they ask anything about culture) and that we could have fun exploring other cultures together, and make light of how the French have stereotypes of us as well....
    other questions they asked: why did i want to be a teacher, what attributes from my previous job could i bring to teaching, what issues in education have been brought to your attention recently, what experience have you had in schools observing....
    they also asked me to reflect on the 10 minute lesson did for the interview - how did i think it went, and they feedback on it too...

    Good luck if you've not already had it! is it for manchester uni?
  9. Hi. I was looking at posts for interviews as I have one at Manchester in two weeks time. I would be interested to hear more details about your 'gruelling 5 hr assessment day', particularly the written tasks in the foreign language and what sort of questions were asked in the personal interview when they spoke in your target language. What was intense about the teaching task? Hope you can help.

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