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Dear James

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by sarahjguest, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Since completing the GT course this time last year, I am currently working as a part-time (0.3) temporary (maternity cover) MFL teacher.
    Am I correct in assuming that I can only work in my current post for 16 months before starting as an NQT? I have made this assumption based on the guidelines for supply teachers.
    Also, is it possible, in theory, to work as a part-time MFL teacher and start induction if the school is willing?

  2. Thanks for this information. Unfortunately I was informed that my current post couldn't contribute towards my NQT year as I wasn't in sole charge of one particular class, and I have been working at the school since last October half term.....I'll get straight on to the school and my LA NQT advisor and see what I can do.
  3. Further to my last message, I've now spoken to my LA NQT advisor (who seemed rather hesitant on the matter) and she told me that because I'm on a temporary contract and no-one knows when the teacher is returning from maternity leave, the school can decide whether or not they undertake my induction.
    I'm not sure whether this is informed opinion or someone who isn't really sure what to say?! I'll take up the matter with the head asap in view to meeting some of the induction criteria in the remaining time, but wanted to get all the facts right before doing so.
    Could you please advise whether I am I still within my rights to ask them to start my induction with the temporary contract?
  4. The head should have an 'earliest return' date and if this date means that you would be employed for at least a term in lengthg then by law you must be placed on induction. If that return date happens within a term's length then yes the school could claim that the temporary contract will not last a term and so you won't be placed on induction. If it is touch an go then for you it would be best to try and negotiate 'at least' a term so that you can do some induction, but clearly from the head's point of view it would be 'easier' to not have you on induction as this means they don't have to give you a mentor or a reduced timetable. Sadly things do tend to be in the school's and head's favour on this one. It is one of the issues about induction where maternity cover is concerned as the school cannot require the person to tell them exactly when they are proposing to come back.
    Really the school should not employ a NQT for such a post as it can work against the NQT. Many heads do see the unfairness and, as such, do their best to make the job work in favour of the NQT, but sadly not all heads will do this and ultimately you could be the loser.
    So it is critical that you find out the earliest return date possible and work from there. From your perspective as you are on a temporary contract you should be able to still look for jobs and if successful leave with a minimum resignation time (a week, possible two - check out the notice required on your contract). Perhaps if you speak to the head you could agree that if it was at least a term in length it would stop you from applying for other jobs and needing time off for intereviews etc.

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