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Dear James

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by James_Williams, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. This is all about the professional (QTS) versus the academic route (degree) in your uni and the requirements for the degree route will vary from uni to uni. As Alec suggests you need to explore ALL the options with your tutor and decide on your future path. If it is QTS then you need to have a practice resit and failed resits do not normally have a retrieval - a second fail means an outright fail. If the practice is linked to the degree - as it seems to be - then it may well mean no degree. But often there is a degree only exit route - which seems to be the route you are on at present.
    You need to understand your uni regulations on this and your tutor/student support and the people to talk to.
  2. I've tried speaking to Student supoort and my tutors and appear to be getting nowhere fast!
    My course leaders have not given me a straight answer as to whether I can actually do a resit, and much as I want to teach I am uncertain about putting the egree in jeopardy.
    Is that not just presuming I will fail - possibly but I don't feel I have the University's support which could mke it hard to get through a placement

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