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Dear James,

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by dandyr, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I am a student on a ks2/3 teaching degree.

    I am in my final year of the degree. I did my final teaching placements in the Spring term of last year (2010), which I failed. There was some disputes, conflict of personalities and a lack of support given by my mentor and class teachers there.
    I have just done a referral placement this year which was going relatively well up until the end of the 4th week or so when I was put on measures due to my explanations and subject knowledge. I ended up failing the referral placement too, my subject knowledge and explanations in parts of Science, RE and PE were highlighted as the points which contributed to the failure.
    I did not tell any of the staff members in my referral placement school that I had failed my previous placement. When my liaison tutor from my university came to see me on her first visit in the referral placement, she gave the report form from my last years' failed placement and did inform the staff that it wasn't my first go at the final placement.
    On the liaison tutors second visit to observe my teaching, she told the staff not to provide me with any of the schools teaching resources to plan my lessons with and so from the mid-way point in the 5th week I was on my own with finding my own resources etc. I had already planned the lessons for the rest of that week but these all had to change due to me having to find my own resources. I had a few bad lessons with a few grade 3 lessons during the rest of that week; compared to at the beginning of the week where I had taught some grade 2 ('good') lessons.
    I went into the 6th and final week of the placement and it seemed as though the decision had already been made by the staff at the school right at the end of the 5th week. For example I was asked to bring back planning files; and also to bring back pupils' work because of a book scrutiny which had took place a week earlier. The attitude of the staff towards me in those few days was cagey too. Mid way through my 6th week, my liaison tutor came to the school and told me I had failed; this came the day after I had taught 4 satisfactory-good lessons.

    I was really disappointed as I had put in a lot of hard work and effort into this placement, and had a good rapport with the pupils which was not quite there last year.

    I am still waiting to hear from the university as to the next step from this.
    What is the most likely thing that could happen?-as I really want to do this placement and go into teaching. I have passed all my academic work & assignments.

    Also, are there any subject knowledge crash-courses/booster courses in primary subjects?

    Could you please advise me,

  2. that was my first ever post on here...seems like one big paragraph! although when I was typing it I did leave lines between paragraphs.

    Any advice would be much appreciated thanks.
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I don't know anything about primary but thought I would reply.
    A friend of mine was in primary recently had a problem with her placement school due to a H&S issue and they refused to pass her depite the Uni fighting her corner that she was not to blame. She did her final placement, went on supply (as she had missed the majority of jobs) and within a week had been asked to work at the school until summer (1 term of NQT)
    Just take in what has happened in your placement and keep a diary for your NQT year. There are schools (and/or mentors) that just aren't fit for training future teachers.
    You'll be fine, best of luck x
  4. Thanks for your advice.

    I'm still waiting to hear back from the uni as to what I can do next. Is it at all possible they'll give me a 3rd chance at it? This is all I need to pass, this final placement, then I can get QTS.

    Re: your 2nd paragraphs point, there are schools and mentors not fit for taking on trainee teachers in their schools.

    Thanks x

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