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Dear James...

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by dawn87, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT who has started term 1 of induction (and struggling) I am part time - 2 and a half days with my class. In the first four weeks (so in total 2 weeks with my class) I have had NQT observation, head teacher observation and 2 LEA advisors come in to observe. The school is in special measures.
    My contract is temp until the summer term. What would happen if the school was to end my contract/I ended my contract at Easter in terms of induction. As I would have not completed one full term. How would this count towards my induction?
  2. Anything less than a term (full-time equivalent) doesn't count and you have to redo your first term elsewhere.
    Has your induction mentor given you specific things to improve with target setting? If not ask for it - it's your NQT entitlement. If you aren't getting enough support, contact your named contact at LA and ask for advice. At least ensure you will pass your first term of induction, which you can take to your next school.
  3. Hi
    I assume as the school is in special measures that they had permission from OFSTED to take you on as a NQT. Normally schools on special measures are not able to employ NQTs on induction (full time, part time or via a supply agency) unless OFSTED gives permission, the the LA must have a plan of action in place that ensures that the trainee is qwell supported.
    If you are part time 2.5 days per week then you would need to complete two terms in order to build up one term of induuction. If the school ended your contract at Easter that would be just one term at 0.5 fte and that would not be enough should you move to another school. In effect you would be starting your induction again.
  4. Sorry to tag onto an already existing post. I am looking to do a term of induction p/t on supply starting next week until the end of the summer term. (3 days per week), I have one term of induction under my belt already.
    My main areas of concern are whether this amount of time would count as one term and will I have to contact my LA to extend my time on supply...they have given me until April whereas other LA's have give me until Christmas 2011.

  5. Hi
    This post qualifies for induction and may well give you one term, you need to check on the TDA calculator (see below) and check with your LA.
    The fact that this is a supply post and that you may be employed by the agency does not matter. Any post, part time or full time that lasts at least a term in length must, for an NQT be on induction. Provided your post involves all the normal duties of a teacher and you are regularly teaching the same class/classes then there should be no problem.
    As this is an induction post the supply limit is immaterial as this is 3 days per week you are able to work the other two days on daily supply if you need to - you don;t need permission for this. But once this post finishes and you have then (perhaps) two terms, you would need to get permission from the LA for working on supply in the autumn term as yoiur 16 months will have run out. Even better would be another post to allow you to complete the last term.
    TDA calculator: http://www.tda.gov.uk/teacher/nqt-induction/timeline-calculator.aspx
  6. Thank you so much for replying James, it has taken a massive weight off of my shoulders.

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