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Dear James

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by sami_jones, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Dear James,

    I am a part-time NQT, I had my meeting today before everything has to be submitted, and basically told that they can't pass me because my file is not up to scratch, saying that the evidence isn't good enough.

    What does this mean now? Is there no chance I can sort the folder out and pass? Also, does this now mean that the first time has been a waste and now I've got to do an extra term next year?

    Many thanks
  2. Hi
    First of all don't panic. You do not pass or fail your induction term by term. The pass or fail only happens at the end of term three and then the school recommends a pass or fail and the LA is the body that actually decides.
    There is no requirement to keep an evidence folder, but some LAs/schools do ask NQTS to do this and, in reality, having a folder of evidence is, in my opinion, better than having your progress simply charted by one off observations.
    So the school is in effect saying that at present you are not making satisfactory progress due to a lack of evidence. This can be set straight and is easy to fix. The school should set out what sort of evidence they would like and you can, from now on, systematically gather this and keep it in such a way that it does staisfy them.
    I'm guessing that in all other respects things are fine, that is they have seen you teach and you are at least satisfactory if not better (at this point you should have been observed at least twice if you are at the end of term 1).
    I'm also guessing that you stared after the start of the September term? If not then this assessment is late - it should have been completed just before christmas.
    All that needs to happen is that the school should set some targets for you related to meeting the standards and some indicators of how you and they know when you have met the targets. You have completed a term on induction and that does not need to be repeated and your induction year does not need to be extended, unless, in the third term, you are deemed to have failed and you appeal.
    You should have been guided on what evidence the school requires and your mentor should have been checking this in your meetings last term. If there is unsatisfactory progress the LA and you should have been informed before now and NOT at the point of assessment, that, according to the statutory guidance is too late - problems should be raised ASAP. If the school says that they couldn't do thisa as they didn't see your files until the assessment point then again they should have been monitoring this if the evidence file is so crucial.
  3. So sorry, missed the fact that you were part time, so the timetable of observations and assessments will not necxessarily coincide with the end of a term so this assessment is not necessarily late.

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