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Dear James

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by James_Williams, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Glad you are keen. If you were employed for at least a term from the outset then you should have been registered and started the induction process before Xmas - induction does not have to start at the start of a term.
    Yes, by now you should have had a mentor meetimng and agreed a programme for the year - e.g. roughly sketched out the observaton points, looked at you CEDP and revised/refined/created specific targets. You should also have been observed teaching within the first four weeks of your induction year (then roughly each half term thereafter). So you are due an observation this week or next.
    You should, with your mentor, be thinkinmg about how you are going to utilise your NQT time (remember that you have PPA time of 10% and NQT time of 10% which amounts to a total reduction in teaching contact time of 19%. You need to look at the targets and think how these could be addressed utilising your NQT time e.g. attending LA courses, doing observation of other teachers, attending commercial INSET etc.
    Do read the NQT guidance and you will get a much better idea of the process and how it should work.
  2. purple sparkle

    purple sparkle New commenter

    I started at my school in November and started working towards my last NQT term after christmas. This is because they did not know if the woman I was covering was coming back after christmas or not in November so they could not start my NQT as I could have only been there 5 weeks. I don't think they can back date the NQT year unfortunately. So any work done before being registered does not count. Hopefully I will have NQT out the way by Easter. Yes see your mentor. My NQT coordinator told me he had sent an action plan for me off to the LA. Also, should I receive any other forms from my LA?

    I see my mentor every Friday after school for an hour where progress is discussed and new targets are set for the following week.
  3. Yes, if the post was originally a cover post and not anticipated to last at least a term then you cannot be registered for induction. As soon as the school knew it would be a post that lasts a term they should register the person for induction, as they did with sparkle. Time cannot be backdated unfortunately.

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