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Dear James....

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by katie_charlesworth, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. My undertanding is that you cannot count employment in a PRU or secure unit. In fact, are you even allowed to be employed as a teacher in one of these units if you haven't completed induction? Do you have a permanent contract employed under Teachers' Pay and Conditions?
  2. I do have a permanent contract under Teacher's Pay and Conditions. There are several of us who are NQTs at the same place; the staff ratio is the same as mainstream really in terms of experienced staff to NQTs. The jobs are advertised as regular teaching jobs on the TES.
    My understanding was that the employment didn't count but I wanted to be sure. The centre I work in is linked to a cluster of mainstream and special schools and I believe the plan is for us to teach some of the time in those schools. I wondered if this time would be able to count towards induction as it would be mainstream teaching?
  3. Hi
    I'm afraid that it is not possible to do induction in either a pupil referral unit (PRU) or a secure raining unit (which is what this job sounds like to me).
    These are specific exclusions in the NQT guidance.
  4. Hi James,

    You're right; this is a secure training centre. If I were to move into a special school would I be able to continue my induction? I have a real passion for the work with children who have different needs (either educational or personal) and want to stay in this area but not at the expense of fully qualifying.

  5. I would suggest teaching in a mainstream school for a year or two. Teaching in a unit gives you experience and insight that you would probably never get in the classroom but does deskill you as a classroom practitioner. It's in your interests to do it the other way round - get the mainstream experience and complete induction BEFORE specialising in special education settings.
  6. I too have a term to complete for my induction but i am employed under the usual teacher pay and conditions. I work in Local Authority Secure Childrens home and love it. I have more PRU and EBD experience than i do mainstream.

    I know many say get your mainstream experience but to be honest, i hated mainstream and know that my skills are best suited for the job i have hence why i am there, I am due to start the final part of my induction in september by doing 1 day a week in the mainstream secondary school we have strong links with.

    Teaching in a unit like a LASCH or STC is very different and i know several excellent mainstream teachers who wouldn't last 5 minutes in the unit or in a PRU so if there are teachers who are prepared to put all their efforts into developing their teaching in that sector then fair play to them...i have also been given part funding for my MA in EBD so all is good.

    May be the NQT Induction rules need reviewing because to be honest, my teaching has improved and i now ctually do more work in the unit than i ever did.

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