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Dear James - What exactly is NQT time for?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by caswoir, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. I am NQT who has been working in a school for almost 4 terms now
    but on a part time contract so have only completed 2 terms of my "induction year." I have not been allowed to take NQT time and my school asked me to write on my last form that I had taken it and then they would make it up to me. I currently have over 30 hours owing to me and only 9 days left until my contract runs out in July. I have therefore asked to have 2 whole days out to use up some of my NQT time so I don't lose it all. My 'mentor' said I can't have the time unless I give her exact breakdown of what I will be doing on that day for CPD purposes only! When I told her that I would be visiting other schools she said I could do observations on the teachers in our school beacuse they can't justify paying supply teacher for a whold day. There are no CPD courses for me to go on so late in the year and if I can't do that or visit other schools I'm worried will dip out on ALL my NQT time. What else can I use this time if I have to give a breakdown of my actions for the time that I am out? Can I use it for research into my specialism or extra planning time?

    Please help. Thanks in advance!
  2. I forgot to say I have already seen almost every teacher in our school teach already throughout the year but only in 30-60 blocks.
    Also the time owing to me has obviously never been made up.
  3. Hi
    What the school has been doing is illegal. To deny you NQT time and require you to sign to say that you have had the time is unprofessional. Schools will have funding for NQTs as part of the whole school funding and this should have been used to relieve you from lessons for NQT time.
    NQT time can be used in a variety of ways such as visiting other schools and meeting with other NQTs - observing good practoce within your own school - seeing experienced teachers in other subjects - it could be used to attend central CPD run by the LA or even external courses, that teh school can pay for.
    It is really difficult, because to say that they cannot justify a suppoly teacher is saying that they have spent the NQT money elsewhere and you will have to suffer.
    Try going back to the mentor and say the following:
    You are now worried about signing the forms as you know of other NQTs who have been asked to provide for the LA an account of the arrangements made for their NQT time. Given that NQT time is a legal requirement, you are now worried that you will get into trouble. If, however, you can report back that your NQT time was provided in a block of time to allow visits to other schools to meet with other specialists (and that this is perfectly acceptable under the statutory guidance for NQTs - which it is) that you feel then that should you be asked for an account of the NQT arrangfements by the LA neither you nor the school would get into trouble for breaking the law.
    You should also inform your union about what has happened so that they are aware of the problem in case it comes back on you in any way (it should not). If you are still worried you can also talk informally to the NQT adviser of the LA about the problem and they could just 'cahnce' to enquire of the schjool as part of their quality assurance procedures about how NQT time was used - take care to tell them that you do not wish your name to be uised as instigating this check as you do not want any rebound on you.

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