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Dear James: Vertical Form Group

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by chuck21189, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hello, Whilst I'm not James I had the exact same question on my second placement. I was attached to my mentors tutor group and there appeared to be a divide down the middle of the room. They also really liked my mentor and I was met with resistance for a while was they thought I was the devil!

    Anyway, devil aside, the best activity I found was redesigning the tutor board. We all made handprints and stuck them around the side. I also gave each one a small sheet which had questions like what is your favourite food, what do you do outside school etc... but the catch was they had to find someone else to fill it out about and it worked well.

    I hope this helps :) I'll try and find a copy of that sheet I used and upload it.
  2. We have VT and i'm going back to being a FT for the first time in 6 years (after being a Head of Year). Have a look on #ukedchat from last Thursday if your on twitter as there were 100's of ideas you could try. I have completed a Prezi about me to introduce myself and them they will do the same. Another idea is to get each member of the form to chose a number between 2-5 and they have to tell you facts about themselves depending upon the number. Quizzes (inter form, diff yr groups) are good to build a sense of ownership. Have lunch with them once a week in your form room (if allowed), challenge and beat other forms to quizzes competitions etc. Get them to tell you about the school and how they would improve it. Hope it goes well.
  3. There is no doubt that taking over from another teacher is difficult and a reshuffle doesn't help, but could as the group is new. IUcebrealers can be a bit twee, but getting to know the children by pairing them and asking them to find out something iunteretsing or surprising about their partner can work well. I'd avoid known 'splitting' activities e.g. football teams - where the class then splits along team lines and results in 'sectarian' type behaviour.
    Letting them know that you understand that this has been a difficult time and that the changes can be difficult to cope with is also useful - let them know that change is a part of life and that yopu have had to change as you come into a new school leaving behind the people you used to work with, so in some ways it is no differenet for you than them.
    It will take time, but persevere, in the end they will change.
  4. Hi Countrygirl. I am curious! Can you tell me how many students there are in your tutor group and whether you are their only tutor and when tutor time is (is it first thing am?) and for how long. Sorry to be a bore but your answers will help me help you I hope!

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